February 11, 2021

You are the Truth and my life rests in You;
in union with the Truth my heart exults and rejoices,
for this Truth has revealed the path of Life to me, and to many others;
the Truth enhances the sight of my eyes,
unfolding mysteries, enlightening proverbs;

the Truth lifts my soul like a bird flying freely through the air,
freed by Your Light; Mercy and Love by my side;
anyone who follows the Truth will not walk in the dark;
anyone who trusts in the Truth will be comforted,
for he will be saved;

You taught me to be rooted in the Truth
whose Presence is irresistible,
whose fragrance inebriating, and whose brilliance
a revival to my soul,

willingly I turned my back to this passing world, to this land of ghosts,
choosing to be the intimate companion of the Truth,
Who will lead me safely to my Home, the House of Yahweh,

sheltered by the Truth, I fear no harm from the raging storms around me,
bolts of thunder may fall upon me, still I will not fear,
for holding tightly on to the Truth, every day of my life
Grace and Truth will await me in the last day…

yes, My Vassula, I am full of Grace and Truth, and My Word is the Truth that will lead you in the Way that you must go, the Truth will adorn your soul in dazzling light; the Truth seeks simplicity in hearts, for in these hearts I can act, and I can speak, I can plant seeds of love, lush vines of Wisdom with budding;

the Truth will transfigure your soul into a unique and perfect being, fairer than the moon, brighter than the sun; the Truth will turn you into valiant warriors in defending My Word, unshakeable before your enemies, standing firm forever, upholding the Roof of My House as a caryatid, the Truth will turn you into perfumed columns of incense; even when turbulent waters will gush on you to sweep you away, you will not fear, you will escape for you will be deeply rooted in the Truth, that is Me; so abide in Me who am the Truth;

with Truth as a cheerful Companion by your side, you will lack nothing, you will follow My Scepter, and I, I will provide all that you lack and I will keep your heart pure and your hands clean, and in all that is right; I am known to guide the meek and the lowly; as it is written in Scriptures : ‘the Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on him in Truth;’ and they will know the Truth, for the Truth will set you free as you just said, My beloved, ‘the Truth lifts your soul like a bird flying freely through the air,’

as I was in contemplation in Your House, 1  I was reflecting on how little we know You, but in our folly we believe we know You already a lot; I reflected how much more we keep making mistakes, but how even more You leap with joy when we ask You to be forgiven, Your angels then who surround You cry out: ‘hear! hear! our Lord in forgiving has turned a tarred soul into light, without blemish, praised be His Name…’

 as I said before, I am ready to forgive and forget when you repent wholeheartedly, because in Me alone, your soul will find its rest; I am the Source of your hope and your security; I am your Home;   

lead this generation in Your Truth and teach it, for You are the God of our salvation;

there is nothing more than what I Myself want! they who trust in Me will understand the Truth; love the Truth and seek it in simplicity of heart; to have strayed away from the Truth will only bring you misery, and the light of justice will be eclipsed from you, you who strayed away into the valley of oblivion and darkness; ‘what has wealth and arrogance brought me in the end?’ you will ask yourself one day;  everything passes away like mist but My Word and the Truth will never pass away; They are the Rock of your salvation; everyone who belongs to the Truth listens to My Voice and follows Me; do not be like Pilate who was indifferent to the Truth, for in being indifferent to the Truth you will be rejecting the Truth as he did;

daughter, Love is by your side; one cannot be bribed to learn to love Me; Love comes by free will; by the abandonment of one’s self and will; so, My Heart delights with unbounded joy when one offers Me their free will;

now you know daughter, how I save My anointed, how I lead them to the Truth; what have you asked that I have not granted you? you are meeting Me, puny little creature, with blessings, granted by Me;

I have come to your house, to abide in your house and gladden you with the joy of My Presence; you have relied on Me all the way and I in My turn have entrusted you with My Hymn of Love all the way; here I am now with great joy speaking to you, anointing you, while I am finding My rest in you, in the silence of your heart, this heart that thirsts for Me, this heart that for My Sake, bled for Me from the powerful persecutions inflicted by My own; may you be an example to all the rest, that through your efforts to please Me in doing My Will in diminishing yourself, effacing yourself, and relying on Me, you have obtained My Mercy as well as Wisdom; Wisdom who taught you, who brought you up, revealing to you an understanding like an open book the Word of God, like the oxygen your body needs to remain alive, engraving It into your mind and soul;

so, generation, let the King of Glory enter your hearts, let Him free to bless you, let Him Hymn to you and make His Home in you; let Him reign over you and lead you to the Truth; and your soul with delight will live for Me alone and forever; be One; ic

1 In Church