November 11, 2019

My Lord, let Your House be like an olive tree,
renewing it every year with abundant fruit,
show Your favour on us Lord,
and rebuild these ruins that we have become;

keep those transgressors away from us,
banish them from Your House, lest they strike Your Faithful,
lest they taint Your House,

false and corrupt they are, but You,
Sovereign from the beginning will humble them,
for they have gone astray and have been led to error…

My Vassula, peace be with you; hear Me: I am on your side; before My Church sprouts thorns and brambles and chokes It, I will intervene; I had been warning you in the past years, My child, that My Body is filled with thorns; thorns that have been planted in My House; I had asked you then to pull them out! do not fear, for I shall advance in My House from above; and I tell you, there will be no hypocrite allowed in My House, none of these will keep their post;

the Heavens are at work and are leaning towards unity driving frantic the Divider, the enemy who deceived many, for he is scattering while I am assembling; fettered in their self-believed ‘righteousness’ they are defying My orders and scorning the warnings that I had been giving them ;

Lord, Your Word in these messages have not reached their ears, and if they did, they were not accepted; so how are they to know of Your warnings? how were they to be alerted or follow Your orders since many in Your House who hold the keys to Your Kingdom ignore Your sayings…

My bearer, frustrated you must not be for the Holy Spirit is in action in My House hovering above It and within It; all the same, many of the members in My House lie heavily on Me, for they refuse to listen to the groans of the Spirit, yet, I have kept a remnant for Myself, only a remnant chosen by grace who will lead My Church into one…

in all of these years, I have not spoken in secret nor by enigmas, daughter, when the millstones grind the meal, and refine it, in this same manner My Words were refined and given to you so that every soul may find them easy to understand;

hear Me: I have addressed you with gentleness asking you to go out to the nations to preach to them My Word and warn all of them from the greatest to the least that they should all repent, pray and fast, for these are the last days of your era, and that everyone should renounce their evil ways; I have spoken to My Church that unless they reconcile and come to terms and unite, the heavens and the earth shall shake and the sea will roar out of its place; their disloyalty has reduced My House into a desert because of their unyielding hearts; the day is close to you when you will panic and rout, lamenting when you will watch falling from above brimstone of fire to burn you up… I have shown you My kindness, generation, My patience, My tenderness and My fatherly love, and that I am your Redeemer; I waited and I am still waiting that My House hears My cry of warning; My cry to establish peace among all of you who carry My Name and settle for one date in Easter; but, to this day, you look away and have no taste to reconcile; you have been warned, not once, but a multiple of times; heaven is mourning for in the same way that My Word then was spoken in the beginning of My creation,  likewise My Word will be uttered to bring My Fire from above to cleanse the soot of this earth;

remember, daughter, in everything you do, include Me, we, us?

yes, Lord, we, us…

good, with all your soul hold Me in your heart! be sure of My Love I have for you and for all those whom I have called to be near you; I will sustain you in your efforts that you do to bring My House into unity! Love loves you… ic