September 25, 2017

I Am; My Peace I give to you… peace, peace to you who were far away and whom I brought to My terms;

Goliath was a giant, fearful, unbeatable, but he was brought down and conquered by David; through all ages I was the Conqueror; I am known to have brought down kingdoms and litter nations with their dead when these were opposing My Passage; and as the Scriptures say: vengeance is Mine – I will pay them back;

and today I am saying in truth what I have said then: remain faithful to Me, hold on to Me, and trust Me depending on My Power alone; remember that I am by your side; therefore do not venture alone, or on a rough road, for the man who trusts in Me, and in My Law, will be watched by Me; have I not stayed with you all along and held your hand to guide you and advise you? My Heart is pining with love for you, puny little creature, your nothingness appeals to Me and infatuates Me, theretofore, follow my precepts, and those who represent Goliath in your times, will fall;

I said in the past, if your enemy is hungry, you should give him food, and if he is thirsty, let him drink; thus you heap red hot coals on his head; resist evil and conquer it with good! repay evil with love; be on My side, child!

now, My daughter, I have given you the zeal you would need to glorify Me, and your zeal has been a spur to many and to many nations; a stone in a sling… I Am the One who provides your mouth; therefore, I need intense poverty and weakness, to overcome division, to overcome this evil that has spread in all the nations like fog; pray, and pray, prayers are welcomed like rain on a thirsty soil, sacrificial love will be as a blessing showered in every nation; then, these will overflow in a wealth of peace and cheerfulness, and many lives will be redeemed from exploitation;

be a living example, an icon of reconciliation, a bridge mender to spread My appeal of Unity in diversity, even without receiving justice from those mouths that criticize your steps trodden in My Own bloodstained Footprints; I can break down barriers that keep anyone apart; yes! I would be appealing peace through you and such an appeal in My Name is to be: all reconciled to God, your Father in Heaven;

many pompous monarchs have been made to sit on the ground, and were dishonored in their wealth, but to their utter amazement, something they never heard of, was when they discovered that everything was done by Me; yes, as I have said: I have thrown down rulers’ thrones and have seated the humble in their place and those who pleased Me; I have thrown down mighty men, like Goliath, rising the weak and lowly to defeat them;

I the Lord, will step down of My pavilion, like a Bridegroom now to give a new life, of peace and joy for the heart, a light for the eyes, hope for men and women, if they submit their will to Me and their cry of repentance; then I will engulf them with My Presence and David will once more conquer Goliath;

I have breathed on you My myrrh, and My constant Gaze on you shadows away evil; assemble all of you and I, the God of Peace will be with you, My child,  ic