September 24, 2017

rise, little friend and take your refuge in My Heart; My Heart is your dwelling place; all My Teachings to you have not gone in vain; 1 “have you not heard that My Eyes watch over those who love Me? and that I am their powerful protection and their strong support? I am their screen from the desert wind and their shelter from the midday sun, a Guard against stumbling, an assurance against a fall;”

I am your Beloved, who seized your heart in your early days, to lead you and take good care of you; I am the Christ, daughter, and I have espoused you to Me, so that you glorify Me;

I live in the silence of your heart, do not allow anyone to lurk on you; I am the One and only who will be your support and anyone who slanders you, will be heaping hot coals on their head; beloved, myrrh was poured on you dripping from My Fingers to anoint you, to embellish you, so that My Countenance appears on you and so that your features blend in Mine, see?

when I converse with you, My sweet conversation is so that I delight your soul in My embrace; and so that My Words to you will not remain stored in you, but will be poured out in superlative cascades of rivers, like sweet wine over all My creation, I will anoint your lips with a song of joy and praise fulfilling the vows you had given Me; you will then be transmitting in this way My Love, – the gift of My Love;

I want you to remain modest, but with a warrior’s noble heart; thirsting for My Love but not for human praise; instead, be like a lamp shining on a sacred lampstand; I have given you much hardships, but through these My Name was given glory; this was My way of grooming you to grow upright in purpose of learning;

so to you, My beloved, to whom sweet conversation bound Me and you to Me, I tell you, I will never falter to soothe you with My Presence! I, Jesus, bless you and all those whom I have called to help you in your mission!


1 Ecclesiasticus 34: 16-17