September 18, 2017

(After some discordance and objections from some who joined in our pilgrimage of Moscow and were as well questioning why I do not have a priest as a spiritual director.)

My Vassula, pray for those souls who distress Me speaking in My Name and declaring openly that it is My Spirit who shows them the Truth when in reality it is the dictates of what their heart contains; yes, every man judges from the store of his heart!

I am your Shepherd and unfailingly My Spirit of Counsel will be counselling you;

I have said that in My Messages there are passages which are well concealed and hard to understand, but these are for those of whom the Prophet Isaiah spoke of: ‘you will listen and listen again but not perceive…’ 1 Vassula, I the Christ, am with you all the time!’  ic

1Christ was referring to His Message of October 14, 1991:
– Lord?
I Am; evangelize with love for Love; be rooted in Me, My child… hand over everything to Me and allow Me to be your Spiritual Director, directing you and giving you My directives for the unification of My Churches; you are to be a sign for them and they will learn that since I Am is One, you too will be one as We are One;