July 1, 2016

I love You, Yahweh, my Psalm, my Saviour, and my Rock; my Shelter and Salvation;

Vassula, I treasure your words in My Heart, remember, that the path I prescribed for you and for healing this generation descends from My Fatherly Mercy! I am indeed your Rock, your Psalm and more, I, who created Heaven and earth only through My Word, know that all the vault of the Heavens declares My Glory following the perfect Law that I have given them;

widen your heart, child! make room for My Sanctity, and girt yourself with My Strength, your mission is anointed by Us; 1 therefore, sing to the world My Hymn of Love! display My Love for mankind; tell them that I, Yahweh, have bent down all the way from Heaven, from My Throne, to reach you all and be among you all; My saving help is given to your freely;

today, in your days, I am leading your generation with Mercy, conferring on you everlasting blessings; see? I am making My Ways known to you, teaching you My Paths through Wisdom, and like a road post I set My Angels in every crossroad to lead you to Me, to the Truth, so that you worship Me in the Truth; then I, in My turn, create a new heart in you; be happy, daughter, and pray constantly; attend to your chores, and never forget My Presence!


1 the Holy Trinity