May 30, 2016

O God, so Good and Kind, did you call me?

Vassula, I have kept My promise to you; do you remember My pledge to you? My promise gives life and to all those who read Me; in earlier days, I called you, to treat you with compassion and tenderness; I have been your comfort in your persecutions and trials; beloved one, do not strain My Eyes waiting for you to meet Me in this way! lovingly be My Echo, and I will intervene while My children would be listening to your witness of My Magnificence, of My power, My Tenderness and of the great Love I have for each one of them;

persevere in virtue, and forbid your tongue to judge; let everyone see Me in you; you have been formed by Me, taught by Me with grace to grow in Me; never doubt of My Presence at all times! keep longing for Me, this always pleases Me; your longing infatuates Me; may your hand be always available for Me to use it to write down My Words;

tell everyone that I have not come with My Scepter to condemn anyone, but I have come to guide them to follow My Path and stop them from following twisted paths that lead to Death!

remain in My Courts, and I will keep shielding you; remember that Wisdom was and is your Teacher; teaching you Knowledge from My Heavenly Courts; so lift your eyes to Me, your Saviour, lift them up to Me who have your abode in Heaven, and remain true to My Word; and do not allow yourself to sleep, not until your return to your Home; serve My House, in My Own Courts, and keep stretching My Message; do not be afraid of the raging winds; find your shelter in Me when these come your way;

I am known to relieve the distress you may have in your hearts; your pain, your misery, give them all to Me! I Am is on your side; pray for peace;

what is asked by my lips, in Your Name, to mankind, does not convince them totally, some are, but many shut their ear…

remember My Word I pledged you with? and on which you have built your hope and your love for Me? was not My Word that has been given to you, been your comfort, and was not My promise to give life again not noticed? be happy, and keep My Vineyard fertile, 1 I am its Keeper, visiting it often and remember that it is not you who planted it, but it was planted by My Own Hand; and I have brought people who did not know Me to get to know Me and love Me, after having tasted the fruits of My Vineyard; and so with effort very little spent from your side, it transformed them into carriers of Light, for the substance My fruits contain from My Vineyard demonstrate My sweetness towards them;

see, Vassula, it is not any crop the same in its nutrients, but My crop, which is My Word, preserves anyone from Death; remember, I have prepared for your so evil times, this Vineyard and anyone who enters it, I anoint his head with oil of gladness, I secure him in My Heart, teaching them Words of Wisdom, while whispering in their ear My virtues and justice giving them the reasons why they should follow Me in the path of integrity, and how they should pay tribute to Me;

what would Your Heart love to hear from them, Lord, from us, in return for all that You have done to us? and for the great kindness embroidered in love, that You have shown us in Your Infinite Mercy and in Your Boundless Goodness?

show Me your gratitude by singing praises of My Goodness, child! for it was through My Fatherly Compassion I was moved; hear Me: be glad! rejoice! tell Me: when have you ever heard before that I was reluctant to feed My flock? today, like never before in history I am sending upon you all, creation, My Holy Spirit, to speak to you in your hearts, to console you, to save you;

My manifestation in this Vineyard will bring My people back to Me; everyone who enters this Vineyard will be a race blessed by Me; they will become part of My salvific plan, they will be part of Me; they will toil in this Vineyard together with you, but not in vain; they will proclaim My wonders, and My glory to many nations and draw them in the gardens of My Vineyard, so that they too be purified and sanctified;

ah, Vassula! If you knew… if you knew how the Beast cowers before this Plan of Mine, and on what I have done for you and others; with thousands of myriads of demons he has left his domain, the pit, to engage them all to war against My creation, and stretch his power over valleys, and mountains, to achieve his destructive plan and blot out humanity; My Plan will rock the foundations of this earth; so go and tell this generation that ‘God is here, with us, now! do not look behind, left or right, look in front who is standing facing you;

pray for peace, pray for the restoration of My House, pray for this generation to return to Me; tell them of My Vineyard, that received water from the Source of Life which gives everlasting crops, blessed by Me, handled and toiled by Me;

come, rest in Me; all your work will not be in vain; I will silence many mouths who swore to silence you; be blessed; ic

1 The True Life in God Messages