August 10, 2015

daughter of Egypt, peace be with you; in your youth you had refused to listen to My Voice; but I said in My Heavenly Courts: ‘I will seduce her before her hairs turn grey; I will toil in her and in a short time, I will bless and anoint what was once an unlawful being;

yes, this is My Plan in her; then from a barren tree I will turn her into a fruitful tree with medicinal leafs; I also say to you as one of My pupils: do not fear, grow in your Teacher’s Footprints, I need you to be perfect! do not be afraid from all those who, for their interests, will try to discourage you, daughter, there are sayings in My Messages that are yet covered, but the day will come that what lies hidden will be brought to light and what lies covered will be uncovered;

I say this to you so that when anyone tries to interpret My sayings, do wrong, yes, those sayings that are still in the dark, for their interpretation is wrong; this seed that I have planted in you shall save many souls; therefore, teach what you have understood through the Light of My Spirit;

Vassula, I have heard you say: ‘the Lord wants us to be intimate with Him;’ has anybody not yet understood how I cherish your intimacy with Me? what did I say then to Simon who invited Me to his house and was scandalized when he saw Mary being intimate with Me? I said, ‘Simon you have not welcomed Me by pouring water over My feet, but she has poured out her tears over My feet and wiped them away with her hair; you did not kiss Me as I entered your house, but she has covered My feet with kisses all along; you did not anoint My Head with oil, but she anointed My feet with ointment;’

– tell Me, what is religion? religion is when you have promised God to be dedicated to Him, committed to God, filled with trust and faith until the end comes, but never without love in you; for love forgives your sins; love is man’s constant calling; so no man should be surprised when I co-operate with those who love Me, with all those I have anointed and called to be My prophets, and for any other purpose;

ah, there is one more thing; I heard your friend ask you a question to which I will answer: ‘if God is good, why is there so much suffering?’

by My divine power I have given you all the things that you need for life – to be happy – however, how many in this world gave Me true devotion? devotion is lacking, and when devotion is not there, this alone alienates one to know Me and understand Me;1 I have called everyone by My own glory and goodness to be good; I have never ceased giving you gifts, gifts that will enable you to share the divine nature, escaping corruption in this world full of corruption and vice; but love is missing in this world, replaced by all sorts of vices that are self destructive, not only on your soul but on your body as well; you are suffering by your own fault, and from your own hand… not Mine;

I am your Refuge, your Saviour and your Stronghold! when anyone calls out to Me, be reassured, I Am with him… ic Love loves you…

1 In other words it is from our apostasy that we suffer and die, as the Lord had said in the past. We are self-destroying ourselves.