June 22, 2015

Peace be with you; understand fully, My child, what is My purpose of having called you; by grace I opened the doors to My Heavenly Courts, to teach you, to anoint you, to form you into an apostle; I have carved every word of Mine on your heart; remember My teachings: that everything you do must be done in love! possess nothing that is not Mine and highly against My Will; never ever believe when you do not hear Me or feel My Presence that I lightly changed My Mind! for My Plan in you does not depend on ordinary humans; what I have in My Mind goes far beyond anyone’s promptings;

I am the Living God, Almighty, and My Light shines out and in your heart enlightening you with My Presence and My Knowledge; all of your hardships will be compensated; and I will keep showing My Glory on your face: My Face on yours, so that the blind may believe; although I will keep some of them veiled not to see;

yes, through grace I have chosen you to preach unity and reconciliation, calling everyone to repent; therefore, My child, do not hesitate to speak of My affection I have for each soul, and of the greatness of the Love I have for all! I am Love, I, Jesus, bless you, My child; ic