July 29, 2014

When the silence of death laid over all,
overshadowing this earth,
down from the Heavens, from the Royal throne,
leapt Your all-powerful Word,
to raise once more a holy people;

great too will be those,
that had in the past obliterated Your Name,
they will rebuild Your House that laid in ruins
and will erect Your Name in banners as Holy of Holies;

My love; yes, My Name will be held high and Holy; they 1 still remember the events of their evil conduct, and deservedly they suffered for their crimes, for I, God, knew what they would do; hear Me: the same act with which I took vengeance on their conduct, the same punishment will be struck on the incredulous nation of your times; into a heart of a once doomed land, I descended; so do not be astonished, have I not foretold you that I will achieve My plans in her 2? it is a trifle for My Power to make a wretched man holy; I am known to make all things new; I have the Power to bring My blessing to flower;

allow Me to speak through your mouth and do not fear; lo tedhal; My magnificent works in that nation3 are not yet accomplished; I tell you: I will give them Knowledge to establish My Name where My Name is repelled; I am known, Vassiliki, to have thrown down rulers and thrones, proud men, godless and pervert nations, that pour forth filth; today I hear from the godless nations: ‘I am god, and am self-sufficient;’ and they glare at the faithful, gloating! what will you achieve without Me when you fill the universe with death? I will hurl you down, where all the corpses lie, chased by your own sins; I tell you, the man who hates My divine Law, My precepts and My Commandments, yet hypocritically shows observance, will regret the day he was born;

daughter, I had given in the past an oath, to raise My daughter, Russia, into a glorious nation and so I have; this is only the beginning; amid storms and hurricanes, I will come, and in every square there will be lamentations: that day all the inhabitants of the world that are now rejoicing in their apostasy, will be mourning their dead; a blessing on anyone who puts his trust in Me; daughter, enjoy My Presence  ic

1 Russia

2 Russia

3 Russia