February 21, 2013

Personal Message

My Peace I give to you, Vassula; befriend Me and be loyal to Me; all love heals, it heals your sins, repeat after Me these words:

“Glory be to God,” daughter, grant Me the favour to focus on Me, so that I enlighten your mind, your spirit and your heart; daughter, you delight Me when you focus on Me and you have felt the abundant love from Me filling your heart when you do so; ah, Vassula, learn that I am by your side determined to protect you, to encourage you, to console you and give you hope;

lean on Me, flower, let Me draw your steps closer to Me and in Me; allow Me, Vassula ‘mou,’1 to use you for My plan, and ‘mi stenakhoriesé, tha ta kanoniso ola egho; ella pethi mou; all Glory is Mine, daughter ‘aghapa-mé;’ ic

1 Greek translation: allow Me, My Vassula to use you for My plan, and do not be sad, I will sort out (fix) everything Myself; come, My child; all Glory is Mine, daughter love Me;