May 15, 2013

My love, Peace be with you; allow Me to speak to you in this way; replenish your spirit with My Spirit; rejoice! for I Am is with you; do not forget how I supply your spirit through Wisdom; all I ask from you is love, perseverance and humility to accomplish My Works and the mission I have entrusted you with;

I will give a new splendour to My Church, wait and you shall see! I will provide My Church and furnish it with power, healing it; My daughter, 1 ahhh, My love, if you only knew how Infinite My Love is for you, daughter! and how I feel at My entry in your heart! it is with song when I feel the love you have for Me, a melody, that lasts, augmenting My friendship with you; My city, I feel consoled and happy… hear Me; you have, been through many trials and sacrifices, battles, even with those I called near you; learn that the only support will come from Me, and having the support from heaven to lift your spirit during those trials you will feel consoled, renewed, to fight against these fiery battles of your time and against all falsehood declared on My Messages; and from those who boast of their knowledge and discernment;

O my Strength, come quickly to my help, rescue my soul and my life from these ones!

I tell you, leave those who belong to the world to Me; as for you, live holy, in peace and founded in My precepts; and remember: I anoint your head every single day – have you not read: “the blessing of Yahweh is his, and vindication from God his Saviour, such are the people who seek Him, who seek My Presence! 2

oppressed by the enemy? thanks to them, Vassula, you gain the Kingdom of Heaven; so rejoice and be glad for your reward will be great in Heaven! continue in the path I have laid out for you; path of integrity and loyalty, and when your oppressors threaten you with their evil acts, remember to come to Me to enjoy My sweetness for I am known to console your spirit when it is troubled;

Here I am asking for counsel; I know that You, being on my side I shall fear nothing and I will get the best help of all;

be My ambassador; for all you do in My Name will be as though I Myself were appealing through you, and the appeal that you will do in My Name is: to be reconciled with Me, your God; this should be your theme to glorify Me; labouring for Me, your God, will lead you to sanctification; remain near Me, working with a spirit of holiness; and so, with the fear of the Lord in mind your services will take root in Me, for they will win people over to Me, whose minds, the god of this world has blinded; concentrate on what has been assigned you; do not distant yourself from Me;

hear Me: the most important element that identifies grace is the development of the divine which occurs when My Holy Spirit touches you, generation; tell them, that My Spirit flees from a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that weaves wicked plots; from those who feel urged to do evil, a false witness who lies with every breath, a man who sows dissension among brothers; and I would add, those who take pleasure in doing their evil; indeed the man who gives voice to injustice will never go unnoticed by Me; therefore, generation, do not come to Me in Judgment Day and confront Me, your Maker with guilt; pray, pray, pray and get rid of your guilt and do not spend all your energy in doing evil; I am ready to wash your guilt now!

Vassula, remember that your words will be reaching a carnal corrupt world and My Word many a time will be suppressed by concupiscence that is born from the passions of this world and is truly darkness;

blessed is the one who embraces Me, he will be transfigured and his soul will know gladness;

walk with care with Me; Love loves you and blesses you; ic

1 I felt Christ’s Flame of Love coming out of His Heart on mine!
2 Ps 24, 5-6