September 23, 2013

(About the ‘Heaven is Real but so is Hell’ book:)

ah, Vassula, promoting My Message in this way as well glorifies Me;  I am present; I will lift you to Me always; a stone can it feel anything? hearts that have hardened cannot feel anything, only a heart of flesh will be sensitive to My Presence;

your lands are desolate and dry and in dire need of compassion; a spirit of kindness is needed, a spirit of hope is needed, so who can weigh My plans and consult them? who has sounder guidance than Me and who is man to cure the incurable unless the power is given them by Me? whoever curses My Work will remain in the blackest darkness and forever! in every way you present My Holiness and My generosity, revealing Me as a tender Father, as a loving Spouse, as your Saviour and Redeemer, as your Friend but your Judge as well, glorifies Me;

go in peace, I Jesus, am (even now) with you  ic