September 17, 2013

My peace I give to you, flower; be My temple because through this temple I will rebuild My Church; so live for Me; acknowledge Me daily, never be hesitant to come to Me and especially never doubt of My Love that I have for you;

every moment of your breath converse with Me; do not allow ever the evil one to distract you, never doubt of My constant Love; keep consolidating My Church, bringing the Shepherds together! all of My Shepherds please Me and glorify Me when I see them gathered together founding unity; but bitter to Me are those that are ill-disposed in their heart;

Lord, they extolled Your Holy Name;

indeed, they have extolled Me and their praises have reached My Ears; Vassula, do you know the meaning of: ‘from the rocky cliff water was given them, and from hard stone their thirst was quenched?’ it means that I was and am guarding their soul despite the wilderness surrounding them due to the Apostasy’s fiery winds; I have given them water in this wilderness; I have and will keep them close to My Heart away from the serpent of this devastating desert;

I will quench anyone’s thirst for unity and fill them, so long as they prove themselves to be humble and willing to bend with love; therefore, Vassula, do all you can to live a true life in Me; be at peace with everyone; work diligently for Me, and do not give up for trifles, yes! trifles! for the things you consider as heavy persecutions are trifles to Me; so rejoice and be glad; the grace given to you differs with the gift I have given you, do you understand, My child? and remember: God never takes back His gifts or revokes His choice… 1

I bless your endeavours; I bless your companions that I brought near you to help you; many of their sins have been taken away; do not forget the way I recompense those who do My Will with love and sacrifice; anyone who serves Me, their God, will benefit… let Me remind again everyone: My Body is the Church; the one Church; you have all been baptized in the One Spirit which was given you to drink; and all of you who gathered, although were of different parts of My Body, all of you completed My Body since you all belong to the same Body; that is known to you; however, Satan trumpets out loud his blasphemes, for years now keeping you divided in his fear that all the members of My Body reconcile and get together, and unite; he struggles to keep all of you divided and My Church weak, to the point of irreparable damage;

I have the power to unite My Church and heal her; I have indeed the power to resurrect the dead; I, Myself, rose from the dead, but I need your will and consent to do so; I need your collaboration, I need you to soften and bend with true humility and love! leave the sin of your division…

there are some who do not know Me at all; nor the extent of My Mercy; to these I say: in your rigidity and darkness, distress accumulates in your heart and your light flickers out in shadows; beware lest it dies out completely!

I once said, that I am the light of Israel, and that I, the Holy One, can turn into a flame, burning and devouring thorns and briars in a single day 2; today I tell you: I have stood for so many years among desolation due to your division, since many of My Shepherds have stopped bothering about My flock; they have scattered them; nothing is hidden from Me;

many have stopped to listen to Me; ‘speak, Master,’ I would hear at times, in the past; today they say: ‘who is like me?’ their insolent airs bear witness against them; oh, how My true Shepherds suffer because of their insolence and hardness of heart! you have a rigid heart and a cloak soaked with blood; your brilliance left you; fearlessly you affront Me insulting My Mercy and all of My gifts that are given for your so pitiable times!

lift your eyes to see who is the One who distributes His gifts to mankind; all you who reject My gifts given through My Mercy, have apostatized and for this reason, I have decided to descend and come to you all to anoint your towns through those whom I anointed, to transmit My Word like in the past, so that like dew, My Word will refresh you once more and salvation springs up again; My Love will become a fire burning, devouring thorns and briars on My way;

I will continue to pour out water from the Spring of Life on this thirsty soil; I will continue to expand My Message of True Life in God, since My Spirit of Grace has rested on you, little warrior; remember how from the beginning I foretold you that My Messages will spread out and multiply as a forest of cedars? I will continue to display My Glory; I will continue to support, with My Blessings, you and all those who help you; I will carry them too on My ‘Wings,’ they too will taste My Sweetness;

remind everyone to be in union with one another so that you may be in union with Me; let your cravings be only for My Own House; live in Me and pray without ceasing; this is what you will tell them from Me; learn that although, daughter, you feel as though you have been left behind on a desolate island, do not fear; My Presence is shining constantly on you; I the Lord, was and am ever close to you; Love loves you! ic

1 Rm 11: 29
2 Is: 10, 17