June 21, 1987

Lord, why have so many people forgotten You?

O Vassula! My Body is maimed to the extent of paralysation; Vassula, introduce the light in My Stations, kneeling at every Station;

(I remain silent …)

Vassula, I have spoken,

Lord, what can I do?

nothing, let Me do everything;

(Yes, but no one will do it since no one knows!)

to have faith is also a grace given by Me Vassula, have faith in Me!

(Later on:)

Now that You seduced me, what will become of me?

do you want to know? I will hurl you from My arms in this exile that My creation has become! you will live among them!

My God! Don’t You love me anymore?

(I became quite distressed.)

It was wonderful being in Your Arms, and now You want me off!

O Vassula how could you say that! 1

My Heart rends and lacerates to see you among all this evil; understand My child that I am sacrificing you to be among Godless people; I suffer to have you out in exile; daughter, many will try and hurt you, I could bear now your sufferings, 2 but I would not bear, no, I would not bear to have them hurt you;

What would You do, Lord?

I would not by-stand;

But why have You cuddled me and seduced me so as to hurl me out? It’s almost not fair!

(I was almost screaming!)

have I not said that you will be My sacrifice? I am using you; you are My net; yes, I am hurling you over to the world; you are to offer Me souls; for their salvation, I will redeem them; this will not go by without you suffering; the devil hates you and he would not hesitate to burn you, but he will not lay a hand on you; I do not allow him;

(It reminds me when I touched the other day the exhaust-pipe of the boat which just pulled us in. I put all my weight on that pipe, hot enough to fry an egg, with my left hand. I almost fainted with pain. Having burnt all my left palm, the impulse to put it in the sea was great, for relief, but I remembered never to put any burned flesh in cold water as it produces injuries. For ten minutes, my hand was still hot and red and swollen. But after half an hour everything was gone, no pain, no burns and it felt just like my other hand, in perfect condition again.)

child, I will not see you hurt; I love you and out of love I will choose My purifications for you; I will never allow any stain on you, understand what I mean; 3

Lord, anything that will come from You I will love, if it’s delights or if it’s sufferings.

beloved, yes, make a heaven for Me in your heart; how I delight to hear this from you, child! 4

yes, and any suffering chosen by your own will, thinking it will please Me, will be a horror in My eyes; you will only be deceiving yourself; it will be for the devil, not for Me; reparations will be instructed by Me;

I love You and depend on You entirely.

by loving Me you glorify Me, yes;

(I heard Satan saying: “Those moments are martyrdom for me!” He could not bear my heart rejoicing in God’s love to me and my love to Him. Loving each other.)

it is like sealing him with a red-hot Cross all over him;

1 I felt a pang of pain in Him.
2 Being split: My soul in His Heart and my body in the world.
3 It means any sufferings indulged by Satan will not be realised, but any sufferings that will come from God will be realised. Thus purifying the soul.
4 God will choose Himself my sufferings.