June 23, 1987

Jesus, You have been my Teacher from the very start. But wouldn’t I have someone like a Spiritual Director, as they say, to guide me a little? So far I have no one and those I approached either were not interested, or too busy, or horrified. No one told me: “My child, do this or that,” in a gentle manner, and followed this up. The only one who definitely gave an order was to say: “Stop, this is not from God, so stop writing, at least for a few days and see what comes.” I listened to him, I did stop, but Your Hand managed to write while I was doing my own notes, “I, God, love you, never forget this;” You took full possession of my hand. Then again in a few minutes “Never ever forget that I, God, love you;” It felt like someone who loved me visited me in prison, a surprise visit. It was wonderful!

My child, let Me be your Spiritual Director; am I not pleasing enough for you? I am Everything you lack; Vassula, delight Me by modifying My Stations, by simply adding the light and honour Me by kneeling at each of My Stations; I will give you more of My instructions all in good time;

Jesus, thank You for letting me meet David.

My child, narrate Me and ask him: will you let Me use you?

Lord, haven’t You asked this already before? What do You exactly mean?

by this I mean, whether he will be willing to work for Me? My Cross is heavy will you unburden Me for a while?

Yes, Lord.

come nearer;