August 20, 2004

Vassula, give Me your attention and listen well; pen every word you hear…

Dawn will come from the East; whisper not My Words but declare them with force; no revelation of this kind would remain hidden; the love of neighbour should be your main concern; let your mouth be filled with My Words exhaling My fragrance, perfuming the cosmos; therefore, reveal Me to others that they too may profit and rejoice; bear witness and do not allow the hardened hearts nor the small-souled people discourage you; I, too, had them as well during My time on earth!

I am the Resurrection and the Life, and wherever I pass by, I bring to life and to eternal light; whoever is on My way I secure, but woe to those who rise against My passage, I will punish their incredulity on Judgment Day! Vassula, I gather My myrrh and balsam in every converted heart; you may, therefore, take courage from this alone; I have obtained a good number of souls already, so do not pay attention to tell-tales, look rather at the fruits of My Work; My Work is to remind everyone the authentic life of a Christian; this dying generation lost their dignity; all men of power lie to one another, and there are hardly any devotee left, so am I to remain silent?

over My fruit a cheer is heard from My saints and angels; yes, daughter, I have raised you up to plant; the devil has always been known to rouse his kindred and wage war on My Work and on those whom I have chosen and anointed; those who accuse you are those who distort My Law and the Gospel calling evil what is good; but I have come to you, with My Sceptre, to imitate Me, to gather and unite, to encourage and give hope, to love and to heal; I have come to consolidate My Church; I have anointed you to speak in My Name; perhaps you may not be a polished speechmaker, but I have ornamented you with Knowledge to ornament My Church in this way and lead it into unity;

day after day I have persistently sent you to witness to your own people1, but they have not listened to Me, have not paid attention; intercede for them…

Vassula, since you were allowed by an ineffable grace to lift the veil of the Bridegroom, and discover His Divinity, ever since you unveiled Me, your face reflects My brightness when you are in conformity with My Will; Scriptures say that every soul who wants to discover Me2 in truth will have first to repent, otherwise their veiled minds will remain veiled unless they turn to Me; if My Words do not penetrate the veil, then the veil is on those who are not on the way to salvation; their mind dulled will always remain in darkness and will not obtain the light of the knowledge of God nor will they be able to see My Glory; the light of the Spirit who embraces everything and unveils those who repent and who pray, is freedom; the Spirit will be attracted by the sincerity expressed through those prayers of the heart and He3 will become your Counsellor, your Friend, your unceasing prayer, this unceasing prayer that I so value, because it comes from the heart, containing all that you do throughout the day;

as I was saying to you in the beginning4, have your mind oriented on the Orient; the light shall rise from there and everything will take the shape of a blossoming garden; I have had My Heart set on the Orient from the outset; I have tried, through My Calls, to purge the world, but it still remains in the filth of its debauchery; untiringly I called but this generation would not listen and allow Me to cleanse them from their filth; the ‘Day of the Lord’ when it comes upon them will surprise them… I accept the sacrifice the Orient is giving Me for they are honouring Me with great zeal and generosity; like a silver string your trail will be left behind, as a pattern, to enable the rest of the world to follow it; thus as Aaron’s blessing affected My people, so will the Orient affect the rest of the world to acknowledge Me as their everlasting God;

in My Church nothing has been lost, rather the people lost the presence of My Church in their hearts; the world today in its extreme debauchery is filled not only with error but conspicuously provokes My Deity and My Law; how can I recognize My Church in them? I have, My Vassula, come in this way in order to revive what little life remains in this generation; I came to show in all wisdom and insight how infinitely I am in Grace; pray that they see and that their eyes of their mind get enlightened so that through that light they may see what hope My passage on this earth, in your times, hold, for all of you! teach them, My Vassula, what ‘making peace with God’ means; teach them what is to be part of My household5; as for you, do not alienate yourself from Me; remain in Me and be as a fragrance offered to Me, your God; I have given you to this generation as a Sign of the greatness of My Love I have for all of you;

tell Me, can anyone measure My magnificence? from age to age I show My powerful Hand, My splendour and My glory to the poor in spirit; I ascend from the height of glory, to walk among you and be among you; happy the nations who heard Me! happy those that recognized My acts of love! happy the nations who welcomed Me as rain that falls on the pasture showering the thirsty soil! may every one of these be blessed in Me; My Name is Jesus the Christ and I do indeed perform miracles all the time; having said this I bless you for you are, Vassiliki, the miracle I performed in the eyes of all the world; – love Me, My child, and make acts of reparations through your love for all the souls that show indifference towards Me and hate Me together with My Law and for all those that grieve and offend My Heart continuously! have My Peace and My Blessing; ic.

1 The Greek Orthodox Hierarchy and laity

2 Also the Lord means: ‘to unveil Him’

3 The Holy Spirit

4 Of this message

5 Eph 2: 19