April 26, 2005

Easter – Tuesday in Holy Week 2005

I Am; all I want is fidelity and love; keep secure My Word;

Lord! How could I have still the strength to look and contemplate at the One who wounded my heart inwardly? You know, Lord Jesus, that I have not sweated to study and learn theology, Knowledge or Holy Wisdom; I lacked in Wisdom that comes from You; I lacked in everything Holy, nor was I ever known to be virtuous, but rather the opposite; and yet in this deplorable state of mine, You carried me on Your Wings in order not to tire myself; You offered me boundless graces, to hear You, see You, converse with You; – and together, Majesty, Counsellor and Lord of All, we soared the skies bringing me up in Your Celestial Courts, and in the spiritual life in You!

Your Kingdom has come to me gratis…the upward path to life. You are known to test the hearts, so I invite You to test my heart since I know I have not performed any saintly act; I feel that I have not yet peeled off my faults but have the impression they grew larger; and as for Your commandments, I have suspicions that I have broken several ones;

The path of life is to abide by discipline – have I kept my promises to You? have I fulfilled my vows at all? I doubt this as well; and yet, You are still with me, in spite of all my failures, Your Light is still embracing me, mesmerizing me with Your delightful Presence and by the way Your glance is upon me;

You give me the impression that no one counts for You, that there is no one left on earth but me and that I am Your only love – singled out! Scriptures say 1: “a man’s spirit is the Lamp of Yahweh, searching his deepest self;” I need sound judgment from You, to counsel me where I lack and where I failed; All Merciful God, Protection of our life, have mercy on me the sinner;

I have grafted you on me, to grow in My Spirit and in My Love; Vassula, love is above all; it enlivens all the other virtues; you see, My Sovereignty over all makes Me lenient to all; I govern everyone with great lenience, unworthy sinners you may all be, but My forbearance is great; this is to teach you how you should treat others; when you judge to reflect on My kindness, when you are judged to look for mercy; yes, I do allow Myself to test you to prove you worthy to be with Me; so do not let your hope to be void; coming to perfection is what I desire from all of you; seek to please Me for this is what I desire, persevere in the way of righteousness and I, the Most High will take care of you; again, do not be afraid of the raging sea 2; My glory will be seen from the East;

the Church finds itself, in your times, attacked; the western world has apostatized; the devil encourages them to promote relativism, secularism, liberalism, materialism and a total lack of respect for life; such evils come from the devil who tries to destroy My Church, My Commandments, My Precepts and My Law and all the values of life; My Church is in such a disarray because of its division and if She is weak it is because of the fault of the hierarchy’s division; their spirit is unresponsive to My callings of repentance and reconciliation; their spirit of ostentatious pride should be replaced by a spirit of humility and meekness; their spirit of prejudice by a spirit of dispassion; their spirit of fear by a spirit of trust; their spirit of stubbornness by a lenient spirit; I need them to reconcile; the Church needs to be consolidated and unity will declare all their errors and prevent them 3 from progressing; errors that are forced by these apostates to penetrate into My Church; true spiritual guides are needed more than ever in My Church; let the preachers deliver sermons to My liking in My Church; let no one be of those who limit themselves in correcting what is unspiritual, since these people do not please Me; My sorrow is great when I hear unspiritual sermons without life; what am I to say today? congratulate them? congratulate them when their spirit is filled up with dead words? when their spirit has still the scruples of the past? be united, is My Command and has always been to all the Churches; live in peace, 4 and peace will come upon the earth; admit you have wronged Me, so lift the weight of your sin; have you not all been baptized in Us? and clothed yourselves in Me? so where are your distinctions between you? you are all one in Me; proclaim, My Vassula, My Words and act upon them; I have expressed My Will in you; I am putting to you the duty of doing all that you have been told by Me; have no doubt upon My Power and My Authority; I am letting you experience hardships, but these will not hinder My Power nor My Authority; My Will will be done in the end contrary to what most of your opponents believe… I will complete My Work in you; always honour Me before you give honour to men; be true to Me and remain faithful, My child, as I am faithful to you; cling on Me and remain weak so that I may continue to be your strength; love Me above all; I, Jesus, Son of God and Saviour bless you; ic



I Am; listen to your Teacher; yes; endure all with love; daughter, call Me when you wish; certain people will acknowledge these Works but others will not; be conscious all the time of My Powerful Presence; leave everything in My Hands and have faith and trust; none of My Words are in vain; come, I and you together; allow Me to use you for My Glory, and remember I Am whom I Am; –

delicate creature, it was for no reason except for My own faithful love that I saved you and others by My cleansing Fire and with a renewal from the Holy Spirit… remember, I am the Author of this revelation; great are My Mysteries of faith; great is My love for you all; never doubt; Advocate and Author of this Hymn of Love is: My Holy Spirit; ah, Vassula, call Me; yes! satisfy My thirst and augment your love for Me; accept My Cup at all times; we, us? ic

1 Pr 20: 27
2 I understood that it symbolizes ‘population’
3 the errors
4 I understood that the Lord wants that the hierarchy reconcile and make peace between them.