April 9, 2004

Holy Friday

My Vassula, I am the Companion of your heart; see? I am taking you with Me by Rivers that sparkle, by glorious pathways where no one is allowed to tread unless they are accompanied by Me… do you know that I am permanently with you? no one, My Vassula, is judged worthy to hear Me or see Me; yet I exposed My Heart to you to show you My Will and that I Am who I Am; I have never failed you, and I am glad that you are conscious of your state, otherwise you would have lost My Heart; all I want from you is love; love for Love; blessed of My Soul, My spiritual gift to you is that you can call Me any time and I shall answer you; even when you find yourself inadequate to express My Words, I will speak for you;

I, My Vassula, have been giving you instructions of Byzantine lectures to reach the highest contemplation, to reach Me… vagueness and rigid formulations are not My ways of teaching, but My theology is based on Truth and divine Love – this is My theology; the Creator watches your feet, and in a state of grace I allow you to walk with Me;

this Noble Ode that so many do not acknowledge now its value, but leaves them adamant will fill the cosmos one day… come, Vassula, remember how I paid for you on the Cross? I love you to folly, you whom I desired from all eternity to bring you forth and share My Cross in unity with Me, your Bridegroom; do not worry on what lies ahead; be happy that I have you by My side and that you are in divine dialogue with Me your God; ic