May 31, 2003

My Vassula, peace to your soul; take these words and engrave them on your heart and mind; I am here!1 look to yourself… write:

My word was addressed to you to forward it; this was My Command to you; then I placed this precious treasure into your hands; Sovereign Ruler I Am and it is I who decide and counsel, therefore, no creature can come and tell Me when to till My land or not; no creature should advise Me or counsel Me whether I should pasture you Myself or not; no one of you should tell Me what to do; if I feel it is necessary to refresh My priests with rich food and see this generation in so need have their fill of My good things and restore them, I will do so freely; I do not need counsels from the dead; it is written that an unspiritual person is one who does not accept anything of My Spirit: he sees it all as nonsense; it is beyond his understanding because it can only be understood by means of the Spirit;

on the Day I visited you I cleansed you from your guilt; I had looked at My garden then, before My Day, and had seen a wasteland; I knew you through and through; I had scrutinized every one of your actions, all were recorded in my book; your days listed and determined, even before the first of them occurred; before My Presence stood an endless wasteland; I said: “I will visit her with blazing fire and I will remove this heart of stone and give her a heart of flesh instead, to honour My Name; then, having done that, I will invade her with My Spirit and she will live under My Grace2 giving her the Spirit of fortitude, perseverance and endurance, of fear of Me and of observance to My Law of Love; I will endow her with the Spirit of Knowledge and open the eyes of her soul for discerning the spirits; then I shall raze her to the ground, dragging her into the desert in which I drag My anointed ones; once in there, I will bring to her memory her evil conduct to loathe herself for her sins and her offenses she had done towards Me; I shall strike her with bitter remorse for her having been indifferent towards Me, her Creator and Father; on that Day when I shall expose her nakedness, she will finally level herself to the ground;” compassionately, then, and with great tenderness I lifted you to Me and held you in My Embrace; My Angels and My Saints upon witnessing this marvel taking place, said:

“what marvel! the Master of the heavens and of the earth and of all that came to be has triumphed over wretchedness now; this dry land so recently a waste, is now befit for our Lord to take His rest and lay His plans in it; our Lord, in His Mercy, has rebuilt and replanted what was ruined, glory and praise to the Almighty; O creation, rejoice for our Lord and King will utter His desires, addressing you through His instrument His Noble Theme; all this will be freely given to you all…”

blessed be God for I have been helped and my flesh
has bloomed again in His Divine Presence;
I thank our Lord with all my heart;
I will bless forever my God;
praise shall be constant on my lips for allowing me
to walk in His Royal Courts…

the one who has been blessed to contemplate You,
has no other attraction or desire than be in You
and love You;
being at the edge of the Fountain does
not satisfy me anymore,
but only when You will draw me inside
the Fountain immersing me in Your Source,
will I then feel sated…

I am the Elixir of Life and the principle of the entire cosmos; and for all ages and for eternity will always be…

the Awesome Mystery…

but I am your Father and you are the bone of My Bone, the flesh of My Flesh, in whom I delight… you must keep secure all My teachings remembering always the beginning so that you increase your Knowledge of Me, your God; from these Odes everyone will be able to learn from Wisdom and understand the Holy Scriptures in the Light of the Holy Spirit who gives Light on My Word, in order that salvation can be obtained through faith in My Son, Jesus Christ; yes, Vassiliki, I am here to remind you and everyone else how I turn deserts into sheets of water and arid countries into flowing springs;

I am the Spring of your heart, generation, and in every hour of crisis I am always with you to console you and give you hope; look at yourselves, you who allowed me to flower in you; remember how once, you too, were dwindling away like a shadow among shadows? had you maintained your former stand I would not have revealed Myself to you; blessed are those who had sound sense and gave way to My Presence, understanding that to gain their true freedom was to embrace My Holy Spirit; all My Works are sublime and full of majesty; ah, I have My Eyes always on those who meditate on all that My Word contains, reflecting on its meaning; they will find happiness and the meaning of their existence, thus drawing heaven3 all the way to earth and within them; it is written:

“whoever fears the Lord will act like this and whoever grasps the Law will obtain Wisdom;4 yes! you too can meet My Holy Spirit and possess Him and He will receive you as one receives a virgin bride; then together on the Nuptial bed He will lay down His Divine plans for you, while in His exuberant Love for you, He will be offering you the bread of understanding to eat, and the water of wisdom to drink, thus He will shroud you in the radiance of immortality in His immortal splendour; the Lover of mankind will show you how you will go around to serve Him and Love the Triune God; We will sate you with Divine tenderness, intertwining Ourselves with you in Our embrace; We will be retracing in clarity and precision the path of life for you;

come and give thanks aloud, praising Me in the assemblies and have your heart always ready to receive My instructions;

yes Lord! for what have I to say?
Your Rules, Lord, are melodious psalms
now in my ears,
and your Laws a Love Ode because
You have visited me…

union and conversation with my God
is excelling all the pleasure of this
world put together;

I am filled with Your Love and I praise
Your Holy Name that allows me to share
in Your Light;

the dose of Knowledge You have been
instilling in me overwhelms my soul,
Your Commandments epitomise faithfulness;

You have shrouded me in flames,
burning with the only wish to become liquid in You;
when with tenderness You open Your Mouth to speak,
as Your Word unfolds it gives light,
not only to my soul,
but all around me,
for faithfulness is its essence…

I lie frequently awake though,
throughout the night,
asking myself:

– how is it that so many of Your creatures stopped believing in You and are in such great apostasy?

– the sight of these renegades depress me, many of them hound You, oppress Your Divine Love and call You a ‘cheap myth’ …

– each one of them comes up with their own freaky philosophy declaring it worldwide with brazen words; they defy Your Law, digging pitfalls for those who are weak and waver; endangering the whole earth to fall apart;

“yet He Himself fill their houses with good things;”5

– in earlier days I had to suffer in Your Fire and I shrivelled in the desert and in so many other ways… in these days I still suffer and grieve for the lack of faith around the world and how pitilessly they crucify Your Word over and over again;

– they expose with pride their godlessness as though they had discovered a treasure, but in reality they have discovered tar and soot and their hands blackened want to blacken the whole world;

– evil has become universal…then, in Your Great compassion, You call forth one among Your prodigal sons, You call forth one of them, and after having sifted him through and through You anointed him with a prophetic spirit to go and fight the evil, and clean the tar that covers the world with his own bare hands;

– insignificant he may be and of no importance, but the power of the Holy Spirit is his strength; concerned only to obey God and do the Father’s Will he pays no heed to his persecutors;

– as a warrior that has been appointed to combat with valour, and defend the Church, he does not shudder but goes forth proclaiming that God is Great, the Greatest… proclaiming His Kingdom …

– You give Your Word to him to enliven and brighten their hearts in which evil had been dwelling and wash away the filth, but all he gets is ‘lethargy’, ‘rejection’ and ‘desolation’…

I lie awake asking myself:

– “why has Yahweh veiled His Face to so many of His creatures?

– why is He depriving these philosophers to see and contemplate His Face?

– why doesn’t He silence them?

Yahweh is known to peer through the shadowed darkness of every soul and I wonder, is there any chance of salvation for these? or are they all going to perish in the flames of hell?

will they, somehow, through a special grace from You, make peace with You and reconcile?

will they ever come around and welcome Your Word as a Living Word?

these renegades keep increasing and they fear nothing since they are in power;

today if they deny You, my God, publicly, they are sure to get applaud and raised in position and stature from their like …

but those who follow You are diminished by them in the eyes of all the community and ridiculed; they are brushed off like a fly …

they say with confidence and pride:

‘where is this Lord of yours? where is His Glory? and what has become of the great Lord’s House? was there anyway any House at all?’

stop there and let Me answer your questionnaire! it is true, I take no pleasure in godlessness, but first I will allow Myself to ask in turn My questions before I answer yours;

tell Me, what is brighter than the sun? and tell Me, what relieves the heat in arguments? who sets a guard on each one’s mouth? can you tell how I control all things? can anyone tell what is the good in any man and what is the bad in him? and how can I tell and in which way do I know? question yourself and answer Me…

it is the Holy Spirit that is brighter than the sun and it is He who brightens every heart…

yes, supreme in power, in equity, excelling in justice, yet no oppressor; the Holy Spirit can lead each one of these renegades into being from non-being; He can restore them through the sacrifices and acts of reparation of others and prayers offered by My holy ones; you see, My Vassula, man’s compassion is limited and does not extend as Mine; but My compassion extends to everything that lives; I rebuke, correct and I teach, bringing them back gently into the fold;

as for what relieves the heat in arguments, is it a gentle word?

yes, a word uttered with love can alter a whole situation; it can stop a war; it can melt ice and calm down a storm; it can extinguish a fire; Scriptures say: “you have to be gentle when you correct people who dispute what you say; never forget that God may give them a change of mind so that they recognize the truth and come to their senses, once out of the trap where the devil caught them and kept them enslaved…”6

therefore, a good word is worth more than a piece of gold

I think, I believe, You set a Guardian by our side to check on us and express our plea in a way that can never be put into words;

yes, it is written that I have given you the pledge of the Holy Spirit; He comes to help everyone in his weakness, reminding man where his duty lies and being man’s Advocate, He would plead to Me, the Father, saying: “release him from descent into the pit, for I have found a ransom7 for his life;” and thus spared, spared from sliding into the eternal fires, I8 allow his life to be spent into the Light;9 then, he will praise Me and give glory to Me… to those who repent I permit return… I cherish man’s generosity like the pupil of My Eyes…

as for answering You the other questions, Father, I do not know; I do not know how You control all things, and I will never know…

I do not know either what has man inside him unless You give me an insight by grace; nor do I claim to know how You know; You are an Awesome Mystery, awe-inspiring, Author of this Love Hymn, author of revelations, Author of saving acts throughout the earth;

I call, in my wretchedness, to the people of the earth, to lift their eyes to You; to all who love Your saving power give constant cause to say, ‘God is Great!’

for myself, wounded from Your Love, I remain Your auxiliary slave, at Your disposal, always hoping, always longing, for a renewal given by Your Holy Spirit upon all mankind …

I have had pity on this generation, this is why I have called you and strengthened you to write down My Words; in this manner everyone can read them, everyone will be able to benefit from My sayings; I wanted you to proclaim My Fatherly Love, My goodness and My compassion to the whole world, and how I show mercy to those who truly repent… now let Me answer you:

I am Omnipresent; and as you say, rightly, I am an Awesome Mystery; but there are those who defy this Mystery; and yet My Holy Spirit, the source of all that came to be, the source of Knowledge, is willing to distribute His gifts to all mankind, giving them10 signs and teachings through His ineffable Light; let Me remind you of My Word; it is written that I, God, can see into the innermost parts of man and unceasingly observe his heart, listening to his tongue; indeed, My Spirit fills the whole cosmos and that which holds all things together; I know what man contains in his heart; remember, My Light is so pure that it pervades and permeates all things on earth, in heaven and in the entire cosmos…11 I know all men and not so much as a murmur of complaint escapes Me…

the Spirit is the giver of faith through grace, He is the power in which He embodies the whole of the creation; it is in vain to believe that man on his own can reach God, or even comprehend what is a Mystery and incomprehensible, unless My Spirit descends upon them giving them a light of understanding, revealing to them the hidden mysteries through a revelation; otherwise it is nothing more than mere presumption; you have seen the misery around you, men of blood, men with guilt12 on their hands, wastrels, and the like;

let Me answer you: a slave, when he is called in the Lord, becomes the Lord’s freedman and a freeman called in the Lord becomes Christ’s slave; but those who rebel today against Me, in their rebellion become slaves to the evil one, and in their rebellious spirit are in enmity with Me, their God; you ask, ‘why has Yahweh veiled His Face to so many?’ I have always veiled My Face from sin; I cannot be present with impurity13 or with godlessness; as for your philosophers who declare war against Me, it is because not only they do not tolerate anyone above them; swollen with pride they say:

“I am sitting on the throne of God;”14

then they lie waiting for the virtuous man to pass by, to pound on him and crush what opposed their way of life; you have asked Me, My Vassula, whether there will be any salvation for these too; I delight in showing My Mercy, for however great the number of sins committed by anyone, grace is greater; I can grant them to see My faithfulness and that I am ready to pardon their crimes; it is written that I am going to judge the world with justice and pronounce a true verdict on the nations;

ah! what is man that You
should spare a thought for him?
yet You have made us little less than a god;
may all men recite Your praises and rejoice for
Your Saving help …

today I am giving you the gift of My Mercy; slandering My Words will do you no good, generation; I am in your days looking down from heaven at all of you; have you not noticed? you have become like leaking cisterns that hold no water; many have abandoned Me, and the heaven stands aghast at this rebellion; I had filled your heart at birth with the fountain of living water; I had filled your heart with My Presence; now, like a cracked cistern, you have run dry; you are hollow; am I not to intervene then? I am renewing, Vassula, My creation; this is the beginning of this renewal;

this is My passage among tombs, among this vast graveyard, My passage will turn the tombs into glorious Cathedrals with the Fire of My Love within them! the splendour of My Presence within them will be awesome; from non-being within the tomb, and as dark as in a tomb, My passage among you will be as brilliant and as luminous as a sun; the shadow of death and the darkness of evil will fade away then like a mist, with My luminous Presence; numerous are My Calls and the grace of the Holy Spirit Has never been so obvious before than in your times;

men of blood can say what they want to say, state what they want to state, but I will go over them and their sayings and their statements, for I am raising apostles and saints who will shine with the grace of the Holy Spirit upon all mankind; I will teach them, Myself, to reach degrees of high holiness despite the emphatic cacophonies of their enemies who will show them neither pity nor charity; I will, though, give them the spirit of perseverance, a spirit so valiant that their mere presence will shake the foundations of hell, since they will be dressed with the glorious splendour of My Son, Jesus Christ, and their tongue will be like a double-edged sword; they will shine brightly on everyone, good and evil men together, to warm their hearts and enliven with My Word all the corpses that are scattered; eternal blessing will come out of their hands; they will free many from the passions of the world that kept them imprisoned and rooted in sin; and the ‘True Life in God’ Ode will be sung in My Assemblies, child, to turn everyone into gods by participation; they will read out numerous texts, for My sayings are Byzantine lectures raising you from naught into gods,15 leading you into high levels of ascetic spirituality and practices; a mystical life that can be attainable and reached by every human being;

I, the Lord love My creation and I do not want it to perish!

unceasing joy of My Heart, My Vassula, receive more of the Fire I blessed you with for My apostolic work I commissioned you with; do not let go off My Hand; never fear! I endowed your soul with My Spirit to renew your spirit; Love is by your side;


(this message took several months to finish.)

1 The Father speaks.
2 I heard simultaneously the word’ gaze’.
3 I heard at the same time, ‘My Kingdom’.
5 The Angels spoke suddenly.
7 From a victim soul, or: from the sacrifices, penance and prayers generous souls are offering to God for the conversion of sinners…
8 God the Father.
9 The Holy Spirit.
10 Mankind.
11 The Lord gave me at this instant a vision of someone like the Son of Man, standing alone with open arms, extended horizontally and containing within His Body all things, everything, the entire cosmos. Nothing was outside of Him.
12 Soot and tar.
15 Gods by participation: adoptive sons and daughters of the Most High.