January 7, 2008

Last night at 3.10 am our Lady kept me awake until 4.00 am to give me a message for all of us. Our Lady made me understand that at this time Christ is being attacked more than any hour. Our Blessed Mother spoke to me from 3.30 am until 4.00 am. I was not asked to get up and write it immediately and I was concerned I would forget what She was saying to me but She said that She would remind me when I would write it and send it to you to broadcast it. This is what the message was:

The first part of the message concerned me personally and the rest was for the public. The first part of Her message to me was a reassurance and a consolation. Our Lady told me that She is always by my side especially in these difficult times where Satan is lashing out his anger on me and to the whole world. That God is ever so near me and loves me and that heaven is not blind to the difficulties and the pains of fire that I am going through, but that God needs these immolations and sacrifices; that God is faithful to His Word and that She would be happy to hear me praying more consistently the Rosary… then She said, “be recollected in your prayers…”

The second part of the message is the following:

That we are very near the events that have been foretold that are facing humanity and that they are outside our door; events that are drawn by the world’s wickedness, selfishness, lack of love, events that result from the world’s rejection of God’s Word, their spite, hypocrisy, and godlessness. The earth is in danger and will suffer with fire. God’s wrath cannot be sustained any longer and it will fall on them because man refuses to break with sin. That God’s Mercy all of these years were to draw as many as possible to Him, extending His Arm to save them but few only understood and listened. That His time of Mercy will not hold much longer and the time is coming where everybody will be tested and the earth will spew out from within it rivers of fire and the people of the world will understand their worthlessness and their helplessness without having had God in their hearts. God is firm and true to His Word. The time has come where the household of God will be tested and those who refused His Mercy will taste God’s Fire. (I asked here about the people of the Church who persecute us and are blind to His Works of Mercy) Our Lady said that these too will undergo what they deserve.

Our Lady continued to speak about sacrifice. She has asked me to remind everyone that God our Creator asks us to commit ourselves more to Him and that to be converted is not enough without sacrifice and steady prayers; that if one says he or she was converted and found God through “True Life in God” they should offer more sacrifice as an act of immolation. There are various ways of showing God their love and generosity; that no one can say “we are true life in God people” without offering sacrificial love; that those who truly love God are blessed and should not fear in those days. Our Blessed Mother said that those who persevere through hardships are blessed; that She is pleased with all the priests (the clergy) who share and promote those Works of God (as those of True Life in God and who are open to the Spirit) and should remain confident because they received special graces from the Spirit of God and that through the Spirit they grew stronger in the Lord and to His plans of salvation. That Christ grants them His peace.

If any one serves and immolates himself as an offering, the judgment that is to come by fire will not be so severe upon them for in their spirit they will be enjoying the call of God that brought them to life.

Many have fallen away but many will be raised. Many have failed to keep the Word of God secured in their hearts and transgressed the Word given to them not only through the messages of True Life in God but through the Word given to them in the Scriptures as well.

Then Our Lady said: “Vassula, whosoever judges you, they too will be judged severely by God. Continue to look forward in receiving the Word of God in your ear and be happy, my child, your Mother will never abandon you”. (Then our Blessed Mother reminded me of the vision I had when I saw my spiritual wedding with Christ when I was very young then and how She had received me joyfully with smiles to arrange my wedding dress by pulling here and there and fixing my hair to be in perfect shape and appearance to for her Son, Jesus Christ.) “Speak fearlessly and do not fear those who oppose you. The Lord and I bless you, and we grant you peace and love.”

This is all. Please meditate and read it carefully.

In Christ,

See also Fr. John Abberton’s commentary on this message