May 2, 2001

My daughter, have Me in your heart always and let Me always be like a song of praise in your heart;

see how My Eyes are on you? I will keep instructing My Knowledge to you in My Royal Courts, teaching you always the way to go; as I am your Counsellor and Teacher, smile, let your face smile because grace enfolds you! in My Palace and in My Royal Courts of My Kingdom, My glory thunders and everyone here cries: “Glory!”

I, who am Almighty, King and Sovereign, have given you tribute to walk on sapphires1 instead of red hot coals; I have led you, and through you many others, in the path of unity and reconciliation, but just for this mere act of Mercy from My part, false witnesses rose against Me2 and hissed their violence against My given Words and all the substance in them that vivify souls; but do not worry, I am known to topple seats, arguments and power;

today in your days, I am revealing to the whole world what I have said about the blindness of some of your shepherds;3 these shepherds raise their hands towards Me in the Sanctuary exalting My Sacrifice, but fail to control their spirit of anger and pride while flashing fearful sparks from their eyes; righteous and just they proclaim they are, but in reality they are walking carcasses; they ride high declaring their righteousness, their faithfulness to Me, but do not dread to contradict My entire Gospel in front of the eyes of all My saints and angels here in Heaven! My commandments epitomise faithfulness and their lips should have been uttering Holy Wisdom, but what I hear from them are boasts, increasing thus My Tears on the icons; when a shepherd falls as low as that, he should go back to learning all over again My methods and the elementary principles of interpreting My precepts and My Law of Love;

have I not said: “you shall love your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and that you shall love your neighbour as yourself?” have they not learnt that in Judgment Day they shall be judged according to the measure of the love they had on earth? how can they believe that they live in Me and are rooted in Me when they are at the mercy of the evil one? coarseness of language, violence of heart, are elements that contradict My Heart; they are not fastening their attention on holiness, faith, love and peace as Scripture teaches you; have they not read: “a servant of the Lord is not to engage in quarrels, but has to be kind to everyone;”

I once said4 that their Church is crumbling like rotten wood and that all that I hear from them is: “is there a drought?” they thrust slanderous accusations to their faithful brother,5 committing a mortal sin; thus, from their own lips maggots are creeping out of their decaying bodies because they have established a monopoly of ostentation and presumption in their heart; how much more am I to put up with their insults? I have stepped out of My icons to warn them but they turned round My sign to their favour and became even more hostile towards Me; I was speaking to them and they were not listening; I was sobbing like a flute in front of them but they pretended not to see My Tears of Blood; I was protesting against the violence they carry in their hearts against their brother,6 but they were not replying; I was reduced to entreat them, pleading with them like a beggar while the agony in My Heart was becoming unbearable, but they took care to avoid Me; I was crying out after them, lamenting, to avoid them from walking in the path of death, but they took no notice; when I will descend like a Judge in a lordly style on them and charge them with their crimes, for crimes indeed they are, I will, with immense power show them how they had been mutilating My Mystical Body; where would they go then? where would they go to escape Me? where would they flee from My Presence? on the hilltop? on the road? at the cross-roads? in the Sanctuary or at their gate? I will be there …

definitively you ignore My sayings in the Scriptures, for had you truly followed them you would have read what is written: “do not despise a man in his old age …”7 but stretch your hand out to him; if you, who call yourselves holy and just, nurse anger against somebody, can you then demand compassion from Me? you who cherish resentment against your elder brother,8 am I to forgive you your sins? what am I to do with your daily Kyrié eleisons? what am I to do with your multiple sacrifices and your incense? these will not gain My pardon for your sins;

listen to Me; I have wept for all your failures, but My Heart is an abyss of Love and Mercy, brother; I am the One who revives your spirit and brightens your eyes; I give healing, life and blessings; were I to tell you flattering words, it would not be Me; I have spelt out your faults so that you return to Me with a contrite heart and I will heal you; your shameful nakedness is seen now by My saints and by My angels in heaven; you are exposing yourself, brother, and not only to all the nations but to all heaven; I will, though, in spite of your awesome nakedness support you and clothe you again with Myself were you to humble yourself, repenting and taking these things I have said to you to heart;

bend your knee, Greece, and ask in My Name to be forgiven; rise and resurrect from your death, allowing My Mother to lead your step, like a child on the path of sapphires9 and into holiness; call on to Her and allow your Holy Mother to restore you from your dead actions so that your services to Me become royal when done in a pure heart; allow your Blessed Mother to restore your holiness and help you grow once more to salvation;

call upon the saints so that they show you the way to the Home of the Light and your words will not be anymore empty-headed but will turn into a melody of peace while you would be retracting all that you were saying against Me,10 repenting in dust and ashes; oh, when would I see the House of the East greet the House of the West with a holy kiss? ic;

daughter, look at the deep wounds their mouths inflicted on My Body; blessed one do not stoop to look for Me; I am above you and beside you; come, enter into the joy and peace of your Lord; look in front of you and never behind and remain grafted to Me; ic;

(This message was received during the Pope’s visit in Greece and many there, were protesting against him going there. This message was given in the hands of many metropolitans and placed as well on the desk of Bishop Christodoulos, two days before the departure of Pope John Paul II.)

1 Sapphires represent virtues.

2 I understood that the “Me” was also meant for myself. Christ connected me in Him expressing Himself in that way.

3 Some Greek Orthodox monks and priests.

4 In the message of February 18, 1992.

5 The Pope John Paul II.

6 Pope John Paul II.

8 Pope John Paul II.

9 Sapphires represents the word ‘virtues’.

10 The “Me” here is also meant for Pope John Paul II. This confirms the words of Christ in the Gospel when He told us “whatever you do to the least of My brothers; you do it to Me.”