February 18, 1992

Lord, I will not let my eyes off You,
lest I fall again in apostasy.
Allow me to worship You at Your Footstool.
O Lord, display now Your Power on us all.
Bring upon us all Your Tempest
that will whirl away our sins.
Let Your Fire (the Holy Spirit)
come upon us to enliven us and purify us.
It is hard to cross this treacherous desert in the dark.

Maranatha! Come!

peace, My beloved, do not be in terror;

My decision has been taken; I shall ravage the earth with My Purifying Fire and I shall carry out My Plan sooner than foreseen; the time of waiting is soon over; as for you, My child, do not be intimidated by Folly; turn your eyes towards Me and lean on Me, I am your Strength;

– look! pray for your priests,1 pray that they may turn to Me and draw from Me: Resourcefulness, Peace and Love; many are decaying and very fast too; pray for those2 who play havoc with My blossoming flowers;3 tell your priests4 that if among them there are a few who are still alive, it is due to My Tears; I water their faith with My Tears, so I weep in agony to keep this remnant alive; My Church is crumbling like rotten wood and all I hear from them is:

“Is there a drought?”

they flout piety, they list bitter accusations against the Works of My Holy Spirit and allow their mouth to condemn them! the hour of darkness brought the Hour of Adoration to nil; worse still, they have established a monopoly of ostentation and presumption;

I, their Lord, stand before them and ask them: “Why do you scorn the consolation that I give to My children today through the smallest part of My Church?” – the Heavens will wear away soon and you are still unaware and in deep sleep; I shall come to you like a thief without telling you at what hour to expect Me;5

I am asking you now, with Tears in My Eyes, tell Me: what happened to My flock? where are My perennial pastures? why are My sons and daughters in captivity? where is the youth of today? why has the fragrance I had given you turned into a stench? – I weep over you – I weep over your excessive pride …. your excessive pride made My Church resemble a gaping grave; but you too will be subdued, My Fire is close now; I will bring you down from your glory …. and when you will ask; “what happened?” I will tell you then: “My Kingdom has been taken from you and given to a people who will now produce its fruit;”6 it is the Spirit who gives life, surely you have enough respect for My Holy Spirit? then why do you offend My Holy Spirit by persecuting Him?

judge for yourselves what I am saying; why are your young people separating from Mother Church to follow a second-rate philosophy? you have done well in remembering My Holy Spirit so constantly and in maintaining the traditions just as I passed them on to you; however, you speak without love and you are blinded by your zeal! you have lost the insights of My Mysteries because of your zeal! have you not read: “there is a remnant, chosen by grace; by grace, you notice, nothing therefore to do with good deeds, or grace would not be grace at all!”;7 I love you all but it is not without suffering, because you are objecting to My Holy Spirit’s gifts; you are not objecting to a human authority, but to Me your God;

I am reminding you of one last thing: one day you will see Me face to face and I will ask you to give Me an account of the way you looked after the souls I had entrusted you with; today still you are making Me out to be a liar because you do not believe anymore the testimony I had given you all about the Reminder of My Word:

My Holy Spirit;

wash your hearts clean and the heavens will shine on you; from above, I have been watching you, City of Tradition, you have practised the exact observances of the Law of My Primitive Church, but today you are blinded by ostentation and pay little attention or none at all to the weightier matters of My Law – Mercy! Love! Humility!

and a spirit of Forgiveness ….

My sorrow is great and I groan inwardly as I wait for you to seek for the greater gifts of My Spirit; I am weary of seeing you preach spiritual things unspiritually; had they understood the depths and the weightier matters of My Spirit today they would have accepted the gifts too of My Spirit, but the pride that you take in yourselves is incessantly lacerating Me;

I have entrusted you with thousands of souls to teach and help them gently, drawing them into My Heart, reminding them of My Tenderness, My Love and My great thirst for them, but you pass premature judgement on them and load them with burdens that are unendurable, burdens that you yourselves do not move a finger to lift! in My days I was the stumbling block and today My Holy Spirit is again,

– the stumbling block –

for many of My sacerdotal souls;

– the Eyes of the Lord, I am telling you, are not only turned towards the righteous and the virtuous; My Eyes also turn towards the wretched and the ones you call unworthy;

the stars from the sky will soon drop to the earth and the powers of heaven will shake and you will still be unaware; this earth will soon disappear and the new heavens and the new earth will be upon you and you will still be running away from My Spirit; yet, if even today you humble yourselves and sincerely admit you are sinners and unworthy, I shall take away the spirit of lethargy that is hovering over your nation!

you say yourselves rich, show Me your riches then; “famine” is the only word I hear from your country; “famine” is written all over you; if you say yourselves rich, then where are your glorious pastures? why do I stumble on decaying corpses? how is it I hear no sound from you?

– My Holy Spirit in His Infinite Mercy descends now to feed you all and fill your spirit with My Celestial Manna; as a Shepherd I shall look for My strayed sheep, I shall tend their wounds with everlasting Love; I will support the weak and the weary and those you pasture no more; I will console My children; so do not hinder Me or become an obstacle in these days of Mercy; do not contradict what you teach on My Spirit; I have told you all this now before My Day comes; will I hear: “God, here I am! I am coming to repent! I will stop insulting Your Spirit of Grace because I know that if I do, I would be severely punished”? it is for your salvation that I speak, and if I reproach you it is because of the

greatness of the Love I have for you;

Vassula, pray for your priests to learn real humility from Me;

1 The Greek Orthodox priests.

2 The Greek Orthodox priests.

3 The newly converted Greek youth. Converted through our Lord’s messages.

4 The Greek Orthodox priests.