December 31, 2000

Christ is King!
let the meadows turn green and exult
let all the woodland trees cry out for joy,
for the Word of God is being addressed to us once more;
He opens his Mouth and when He does,
an inundating Light streams out over us,
arraying us altogether like glitter;
His Light is such that all His Holy Countenance is covered
as though He had put a silver veil over Himself;

A word1 then is uttered
with imperial grace and majesty
but at the same time with a melancholic sigh;
every creature were they to open their spiritual ear,
and hear our King’s sigh,
they would bend their knee,
unless they spend themselves on the evil one ….

temples of God, 2 I have been examining your walls and I am not pleased for you tend to take My Word lightly …

I had sent My Angel to check My temples and walk around them; I had sent him to review My palaces and what he saw was appalling … your walls have lost their brilliance and from ivory palaces, a worthy dwelling for your King, your walls now have become a ruin since you have stopped invoking My Holy Spirit, whose translucent streams refresh you, sanctifying My dwelling place;

within your walls, My intentions were to fill you with treasures3 and perform marvels within them in order to build up in them the fullness of Myself; My benevolent intention was to pour wholeheartedly Myself in you and deify you; do you understand My intentions? I, the Godhead, of not only My Church, but of all My creation, am longing to give Myself to you; My vivifying passage in you will not go by unnoticed; a Life-giving Well will spring up like a fountain within your so pitiable walls! and while you will be reviving, you will exclaim with chant and joy:

“the most Gracious and loving God whose Magnificence is magnified in all His creation has filled me with the light of resurrection! blessed be His Holy Name! my Triune God has shone in me;

“the Bridegroom of all His creation has graciously stepped in me to envelope me with mystical learnings coming straight out of His Mouth, inundating my soul with Wisdom’s Light and Her Instructions; He came in majestic Glory to remind His people the power of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins; this by the Infinite Mercy of His Heart;”

oh yes! all My ways are grace and truth … and from My Mouth the Truth is proclaimed; nothing twisted in My Words, nothing false, but in majesty and power they are robed and with nobility as well; wake up, temples! 4 why are you asleep? you have your God in majesty and splendour in front of you, inviting you! I reign supreme and am in front of you to offer you My innumerable Treasures; the gain will be yours;

look! Dawn5 was bound to come, but it appears to Me that you have not esteemed My offer; I have not heard either praises for My gracious gesture; you have not matured, generation, and if you believe that you have matured, you have not matured in My Courts, you have nurtured in other grounds; at My Hands, riches not to be numbered, which I pass on without reserve, yet, having received them, many of you altered them, others exchanged them for a fake imitation, 6 swerving from the truth;

in the beginning of My Noble Theme, 7 My Father, with great displeasure looked at the earth that was in turmoil and said: “fastidious8 you have become, generation …” today I say: “you have not matured in Me, hardly grown, your branches are snapped off; your fruit is useless, unripe and sour, good for nothing; treachery seduced your folly …” Dawn9 was with you but you have taken what is holy lightly; the fascination of evil throws good things into the shade, and the whirlwind of desire corrupts a simple heart;

has it ever entered your head, evil generation, that grace and mercy await the chosen of the Lord? have you ever understood that I called you? have My anointed words passed like a fleeting rumour? has My Presence passed like a shadow? – it seems that the stolen waters appeal to you and that bread eaten in secret tastes better in your mouths, foolish generation! that is why your mouths are given freely to evil;

now, I am expressing My Heart once more; 10 oh generation! were you to realise only the grace of your times, the grace of My Mercy! a grace going beyond the knowledge of man! and although I know of your so wicked intentions and the scorn I would receive from many of you whom I love, with unbounding Love I carry on My intentions, and like a beggar, deprived from love, you11 pass sentence on Me, treating Me as a criminal; champions in perfidy, you rely on your worldly treasures and not on My Divine Treasure that can bring salvation to you;

O Lord, is there any good man left? Even a single one?

no one is good except God; but God alone can deify you, bringing you into the path of virtues deifying you to be the bone of His Bone, the flesh of His Flesh and be recognised as His Own seed ….

My Spirit grieves, for I do not wish to ban anyone of My Eternal Presence; 12 in my great tenderness I am ready to wipe away your faults were you to humble yourselves, temples of God, and repent, though I will not pardon the words13 of a blasphemer; repent, otherwise My Holy Spirit will never stay in a body that is in debt to sin; do not grieve My Holy Spirit accusing what comes from God; calling good evil; that will be fatal for your soul; 14

My Spirit is broken with all that I see from above; the wrongdoer cannot hide from My Eyes nor the one who bellows night and day, ‘vengeance,’ to his brother out at dead of night; ah, Vassula, let My Words echo from you; tell everyone, good or bad:

“I make My Voice be heard from Heaven; I shout aloud so that everyone hears, good or bad; yes, indeed, My Voice has reached the ends of the world; the good and the bad alike need to repent; the good for not doing exactly My Will and for not praying in the right way15 – many of them approach Me only in words; the bad, for committing mortal sins because of their hardness of heart and their indifference towards Me and My Law;”

since My temples lie now in disgrace, I, out of My infinite Mercy, will continue to pour on this vile generation, My Spirit, to revive it; then, this aridity shall exult and be fertile; then love intertwined with integrity, the world of the past will be gone…

although I had foreseen that many of you, drunk with spite will reject My prodigies, in the end I will triumph over this wicked generation; if they ask you: “but Christ has already triumphed; He has conquered the world for He Himself said it; so how will He triumph more? what is the triumph He is talking of?” tell them this, daughter: “knowing everything before your creation, and that this question would be raised by many of you, I tell you once more those words I pronounced to the Father; write:

‘Father, may they be one in Us,
as you are in Me and I am in You,
so that the world may believe it was You who sent Me …’
(Jn. 17:21)

‘I have made Your Name known to them
and will continue to make it known,
so that the love with which You loved Me may be in them,
and so that I may be in them …’
(Jn. 17:26)

when I will draw all men to Myself, into My Heart, I will be glorified again; I am the new Adam and I am the light of Instruction and Holy Wisdom; when all men, that is, the world, will realise and believe that I was sent by the Father, I will triumph again for they will say in one voice:

“‘this is the Christ, One of the Holy Trinity, pure Light, who arrays the souls and His whole creation in His Divine Light; O Lord and God, by Your Hands You have created all things with majesty and splendour; with joy and ripples of laughter You fashioned everything, filling all things with graces, but the devil in his jealousy deprived us of these graces, even of life; he deprived us of Your Light until You came, Saviour and Redeemer to deliver us; Lord of lords, unction of our soul, Light thrice holy, You deified Your divine Body while on earth through Your Resurrection, turning It spiritual and incorruptible; You conquered all material things of the earth; You triumphed over Death; You created a Revelation16 for all eternity; Lover of mankind, You are the living God who gave us Your Bride17 in which She upholds the Truth and keeps it safe; ah, Light thrice holy, You were made visible in flesh, to show us the Father; the Father who is in You and that You are in Him;’

“so do not ask, generation, what will the triumph be like; the triumph will be when in the end the whole of the creation will come into a transforming union of love with Me, and be one, crying out in one voice:

‘Jesus is the Christ!
Jesus is Lord!'”

I am the King, as you have said, daughter; I am King, as the Holy Spirit whispered in your ear to declare it…

so while you are still in exile, sacrifice more of yourself and remain united to Your Divine Brother; bear with silence all the ordeals inflicted on you, you are not alone to bear them, I am with you, My dove; bear them for My sake; you are covering many sinners through your trials; rejoice! for I have given you an abundance of graces to be with Me in this way; see? let this be sufficient to replace all your sorrows and sufferings; let your King now rejoice in you;

come; ic;

1 The word uttered is: I Am; The Lord did not let me write it in my way, but took over my hand.

2 Here the Lord is addressing His people, He is speaking in a figurative way.

3 I knew that this word stood for ‘virtues’.

4 Figurative for ‘souls’.

5 Dawn stands for Mercy.

6 The Lord is explaining how, some, after having been converted by His Message, out of their spiritual immaturity have fallen away, following other false messages taking them for real.

7 These Messages.

8 Fastidious means: not easily pleased; quick to find fault.

9 Stands for Mercy.

10 Our Lord, here, reminded me of that day He entered Jerusalem and wept over that city saying: “If you in your turn had only understood on this day the message of peace! But, alas, it is hidden from your eyes!” (Lk. 19:41-42.)

11 The people who persecute His Message and mock it …

12 Not being in Paradise, souls who are still in Purgatory do not see God, until they complete their purification. Those in Hell, never see God and although they hate Him, they suffer for this as well.

13 The blasphemy against the Holy Spirit: Mt. 12:22-32.

14 Mt. 12:22-32. The Blasphemy.

15 When a soul is not humble the request said in prayer will not be heard. The humbler the soul the easier does it draw God’s attention to hear it.

16 The Holy Bible.

17 The Church.