October 31, 2000

To all who love Your Heart, give them constant cause to say:

“The Lord’s Heart in the end will triumph;
the Lord’s Heart is like a divine Liturgy,
carrying peace for its people;
the Lord’s Heart is unshakeable,
reigning transcendentally in the heights;
come, come all of you who still waver for the cause of right,
come to our Lord and you will flourish in His Heart,
think this over and learn that your refuge is in His Heart …”

peace to you, My flower;

tell Me, is there on earth any greater joy or glory than understanding My Heart? what ability has man without Me shedding in his intellect My divine light of understanding? the Holy One who is speaking to you and who transcends everything satisfies your thirst with the melody of His Voice to pass on My divine Words to all nations; what are My Words? My Words are a mystical contemplation to enlighten your mind by the Holy Spirit and penetrate into the sublime knowledge of God;

soon I will be visiting the earth; the Sovereign, the One who most of you have forgotten tell you, generation: I shall take My stand on earth; so many of you ask: “how shall He come?” to this I reply:

“do you not know that since time began and man was set on earth, the triumph of the wicked was always brief? the triumph of the wicked is almost over now because it will be swallowed up by My Triumph; just like the staff of Aaron that I turned into a snake and swallowed up Pharaoh’s snakes, in this same manner My Triumph will strike and swallow up the wicked man’s triumph; so that in this Triumph you will all extol My Holy Name!

“then I will be among My people …. and you shall journey with Me, your God, you will walk with Me; you will walk with the One you once thought inaccessible … you will talk1 with the One you had once put out of your mind, you will converse with My Divinity, for I, the Godhead, will be present in your heart revealing, as a good counsellor, the path of Life to you; I will give your soul temperance, prudence and justice, fortitude and all that the soul needs to be arrayed with to walk among My angels and with Me; then My Kingdom on earth will be restored; 2

“yes, it is possible for you to see God in this life too; it is possible to contemplate Me while still on earth, yes! it is possible for you to penetrate the depths of Me, your God and all, and possess Me while still on earth;

“this will be the beginning of your new life, 3 for you will not know Me only by hearsay or from words and books, but in truth and by a metanoia through grace given to you by the Holy Spirit; to behold Me is life in itself since it offers you immortality … this will be the manner I will be visiting the earth, My children;

“have you now understood My mystery?” ic;

1 At the same time I heard the word, ‘converse’.
2 From the prayer ‘Our Father’, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven”, is the explanation of this sentence Christ pronounced: “then My Kingdom on earth will be restored …”
3 I heard “journey” as well.