April 25, 1999

It is known that You, my God,
take always the side of the virtuous:

So please, give my eyes light,
let my heart rejoice in You,
Lover of mankind;

Lord, You, in all Your Sovereignty,
bent the heavens all the way to my room
and You came down;

You left Your Throne.

God is inside His city now and she will not fall as long as He lives in her …1

My heart and soul have been nourished by the King;

(I answered the angels.)

yes! 2 the King has favoured you, moved by your wretchedness, He yielded His Royal Sceptre to address His poem to you and bless you; come! meditate on God’s marvels ….

Ah … my heart has become like liquid in His Presence;
how can I forget God’s Tenderness?
how can I forget His marvellous kindness?

I3 am on your side; My glance is on My chosen one; I have blessed you for you are one of those who sprouted from My Heart, still dripping with myrrh; I have engraved all over you these words: “Your Lord God desires equality of Love from you;”

yes, I alone can clothe you in My splendour and give you the indispensable Light; I alone, in My Divinity can impress upon your soul My Image of Holiness; it is I, your God, who can perfect you and lift you to travel with Me in My company; come to Me and prolong your gaze on My Holy Face so that you may understand fully that you are joint heiress with Me, united to Me and in Me …. receive, daughter-of-the-King, 4 more of Me, allowing Me to receive more of you;

My wish is to give more of Myself to you, so that you can give more of yourself to Me; I will be obtaining in this way all that belongs to Me already; through My Divine Love that will be poured in you, you will be deified, transfiguring your soul, so that My Father identifies you on Judgement Day with Me;

in your so miserable times, generation, where sin has become your master and is being poured in you like venom, I, the Master of Love and Mercy, pour in abundance on you, to heal you, the antidote, that is My Holy Spirit; I pour in abundance on you My Mercy, with anointed Messages from the Treasures of My Heart; I am the Divine Source of Graces;

he who journeys in the dark will end up his journey in the dark; he who chooses to journey in the light will end up his journey in the light; I am the Light of the world; anyone who follows the Light will not be walking in the dark, but will radiate the light of life; I am the Life ….

generation, why, why do you torment your soul in those obscure regions of Satan, subduing your will to his evil designs? I am the Way, the Truth and the Life and it is through Me you could enter heaven; if you say you are weak, come to Me and draw strength from Me so that one day you too will be able to chant:

“my Triune God, has shone in my heart; the Living God has given me, the unworthy one, a spiritual resurrection, and as Moses was enveloped by a cloud, I am being enveloped by mystical learnings coming from Holy Wisdom; and as the sun inundates the creation with its light, my Lord and my God has inundated my soul with His Teachings and has poured in me torrents of Divine Love; He has given me instructions and knowledge again through Holy Wisdom, to understand His Glory and to comprehend that He is The Divine Bridegroom of all His creation; His exuberant Love drew my soul into the nuptial chamber of His Heart where a divine union was performed; then my Beloved rose, afire with majestic Love to show me His Treasures; and in this nuptial chamber, where my Beloved keeps all His Treasures, I discovered:

– the treasure of knowing and understanding God;
– the treasure of intimacy;
– the treasure of joy and consolation;
– the treasure of the path of virtues;
– the treasure of the Holy Spirit;
– the treasure of Holy Wisdom, an inexhaustible treasure to men;
– the treasure of sweet converse with the Divine;

yes, indeed, the Lover of mankind has enriched me with His Love and filled my heart with His inexhaustible treasures;”

Love compels Me to yield My Royal Sceptre, taking pity on this generation’s desolation; Love compels Me to deploy limitless Mercy on your aridity, generation, leading Me to bend all the way to you and cover you with My precious Blood to conceal your imperfection;

now, My Vassula, I will have you converse with My Mother…

call in mind, My child, the pierced side, feet and hands of your Saviour, Jesus Christ, who eternally sits on the right hand of God the Father and reigns in Glory; Jesus and I are in constant intercession for the salvation of souls; My Immaculate Heart too is pleading the Father to obtain His Mercy for this generation; here I am grieving again for the injustice done to so many of My children, 5 increasing God’s Cup of Justice; I need acts of reparation and prayers to remedy this evil; cry out to the Father and say: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing;”

then come and cloister yourself in My Royal Heart; there you will find your peace but at the same time you will taste and feel My agony and sorrow in the depths of My being as I am moved by what I see; I see this flow of ceaseless evil, without a moment’s interruption, which comes from Satan;

to put an end to all of this, I need from all of you acts of reparation and constant prayers …. without repentance evil will increase; God is sending Me in these days to all of you to transmit His Grace for a renewal of your heart; My maternal Love is grace to you as well;

be good;

Grant O Heavenly Mother
the Grace of God on us all, so unworthy,
to be able to ask God sincerely
pardon for our sins and the sins of others;

Grant us the inestimable treasure
of God’s intimate friendship,
and the noblest treasure of the divinity
which is the closeness to God:
God offering His Heart to all of us;

I bless you; and forgive6 all those who cast stones at you; I want you fair, 7 and seek God’s ways always;

1 Suddenly angels appeared and with great joy, said these words almost like a melody.
2 Again the angels responded.
3 The Lord God spoke now.
4 Which in Greek is: Vassiliki.
5 Our Blessed Mother was referring to the Kosovo crisis.
6 I was asked to forgive my oppressors.
7 I understood, ‘beautiful’ (spiritual beauty).