April 21, 1998

May the sweetness of the Lord be on us! 1

ah, enter into the joy of your Lord! yes? say it!

(I had a complaint.)

Why do You deprive me of Your companionship?

come, say what you want to say ….

And You do it as though You take Your pleasure in it by bringing forth all sorts of events that obstruct me from using the gift You have given me and being thus in Your delightful Presence which is Light.

I have given you a wreath that will never wither, and I have baptised you with Fire; I have given you spiritual food and drink; how is it that at moments you fail to understand Me? I would have given you now a sharp answer, but considering your words pronounced to Me the other day,2  coming out from the depths of your heart, know that I am reluctant in mortifying you; I am still perfumed by your words of love; I have received your words as a sweet fragrance of myrrh and My hair is covered with drops of your aromatic words and My head is all perfumed, you have bound3 Me with your words …. but I tell you, this act of privation is so that I ripen your fruits; yes, I am your Sunshine, but a tree needs rain as well to be able to grow and multiply its foliage and its fruit; when your soul does not feel My rays for a while, know that at that moment I am refreshing you again;

and now tell Me, how does your soul feel right now?

Right now I feel enamoured by Divine Grace ….

cease then tormenting your soul and reproaching Me; be grateful instead for all the graces I have poured in your soul; I am preparing you to receive a divine visitation from the Holy Spirit who will entrust you with His Message4 and who would leave with His Noble Theme an everlasting memory to this generation and to all future generations;

My tender spouse, be of Jesus as Jesus is of you; I am for you as you are for Me; 5 we are one for the other and so complete in union and intertwined that a number of souls have seen Me in you and you in Me; 6 let Me delight and contemplate Myself in you; I enjoy immensely those moments when I gaze at Myself; I have indeed clothed you with Myself to possess you and have offered you My Grace to possess Me in Grace; call it if you wish: the folly of God, enamoured of his creation to folly; 7

see? therefore, calm down your heart and understand those moments of privation;

I know that had You not shown Yourself to me in the beginning (1985), I would be still out there in the graveyard among the putrefied. Had it not been for Your Grace, I would have by now putrefied myself. My soul was longing for You, when You were prolonging Your rains upon me.

but now, My dove, have I not released you from your pains? hear Me, Vassiliki: know that while you were in the state of privation I was resting in your heart ….

be blessed and find your comfort in My Heart;

2 While I was preparing some speeches that I would read out in the presence of the responsible people of True Life in God, I was seized by the Spirit of God and wrote: “Today God the Father invites us in the nuptial chamber of His Heart; this is the final goal that everyone should attain in their spiritual life. – God invites us all to plunge in His Bosom and lose ourselves within Him. [Here are the words that touched our Lord:] “I, personally, would like to become like liquid in God or sometimes go as far as to dissolve so completely into God that I would be no more.”

3 This word should be taken in the good sense.

4 See message of April 22, 1998.

5 Here Jesus means in the sense of belonging.

6 In the Madrid incident. Many people in different nations have seen our Lord’s Face appear on my face, but for the second time Jesus allowed His Face to look like mine. In Madrid a man looked at the big poster of Jesus’ Face and was asking the organisers of my meeting why were they putting up a poster of a blond woman. The first time this happened it was in Greece, Rhodos. The prayer group of True Life in God were going to a hospital for charity to evangelise and console the sick, always accompanied by the priest of the hospital. One day they decided to distribute Jesus’ portrait printed on a small postcard, a famous image of Jesus which is on the island of Patmos in the monastery, known to have shed tears. The priest came to them quite upset, and had collected back all the pictures; furiously he asked: “Why are you distributing Vassula’s picture?” Surprised, the girls asked him which picture, and he showed them Jesus’ portrait. They told him that it was Jesus, showing him His beard. The priest remained silent…

7 At this moment, our Lord was reminding me of another word which is often mentioned in Scriptures: ‘the jealous love of God’.