by Vassula

The divine messages of True Life in God started on November 28th 1985. It has been revealed to me that these messages will go to every nation, that is, I will be echoing the Word that God has given me to every nation.

These messages are a respelling of God’s Word: a reminder. This Spirituality is surely a treasure from God’s reserves. God is giving us a banquet today and He is calling people to be the instruments of True Life in God. These messages are for all of us and we should all feel responsible for this message. It belongs to you as much as it belongs to me.

The working of a TLIG ‘unit’ or Association can be compared to an office, where God is the Boss in the office. Then there are the secretaries, the clerks and other employees that the Boss employs. Now this Boss employs only the poor in spirit and the wretched and the invalid; and as nobody is perfect, there are bound these ‘employees’ do mistakes. Thus, the deaf man should not tell the blind man, ‘you didn’t read properly what I wrote’. As invalids no one has the right to accuse the other. We should understand that if we were called by Grace to become the instruments of this messages it is not because we are the best and the strongest, but because we are the worst and the weakest. Therefore, we have to remain small and humble, and allow God to work in us and in doing so, God is glorified even more! The humbler you get, the more the Holy Spirit can breathe in you. The moment you start believing you are ‘somebody’, this is the beginning of your fall and your deviation and you will be doing your own thing, and not God’s.

We are happy to see that all over the world there are TLIG groups with the same spirit, similar people functioning in the same way … and it seems that in TLIG, God selects those who have a perseverant character, however, weak in God’s Eyes. But remember that God fills your weakness with His strength, and that is why you never waver, that is, you do not turn with the wind.

Among the organizers of the TLIG apostolate there should not be any competition or rivalry as there will then be divisions. God wants us to unite. If there are divisions among you in proclaiming these messages of reconciliation, peace and unity, it will be Satan who will be triumphing and the result will be that sooner or later nobody will be listening to these messages of Unity nor to your witnessing if you yourselves are divided. Everybody should respect one another and work (together)! Jesus says ‘do your best and I shall do the rest‘.

You should not only read but live the Message. Our Lord wants to transfigure you into the instrument He wants you to be. Thus it is necessary, after having read the message, to change your heart before witnessing. What we are seeking is a conversion, a ‘turning to God’ and ‘a change of heart’ – that is how God begins in the TLIG messages. He wants us to be conscious and aware of His Love and that what we have been doing in the past was against God’s precepts and His Law. Then, by changing our lives and with a new heart we obtain His love and are now able to transmit it to others. You should give what you receive to others.

Jesus says that this message is for all of you, since you are so precious in His sight. He came to you with His seed (TLIG Message) so that you sow them in your ground; and were you to set your heart to work the soil, the harvest will surely be rich and plentiful. If you do this much, the earth will respond to the grain; then everyone will know of His love and will respond to His call. If you listen to His call to work for Him with your heart, to spread His Message, He will help you! In proclaiming this message, there will be persecutions. Till the end of your life you will be persecuted because of Jesus; but remember, that if you live in God and His peace dwells in you, you will not be disturbed with whatever persecutions may come. We need to trust Jesus completely.

Do you know why these messages are attacked so ferociously by Satan? Because these messages are so powerful and by means of these messages a lot of people are saved. You should persevere!