I want to greet all of you in the name of True Life in God and thank you for coming to my country, a country with a magnificent history as well as a biblical history too. We chose this city of Marathon, where the runner Pheidippides ran to Athens with the news of the great victory his people had over the Persians at Marathon. He delivered the message “Niki!” (Victory!) then kneeled over and died. It takes determination to achieve a triumphant goal declaring the good news. And so, this is what we aim at with determination: to achieve a triumphant goal that, through our sincere efforts, we will be able to bring peace and call out: “Niki” (Victory) in the name of God!  

So I thank our Lord for this spiritual gathering, because it is a grace given by God to all of us to be in this race and work for peace, giving us opportunities to expand His Kingdom, bringing us closer together into understanding one another. Closer to what God’s Will is and that is closer to reconciliation, peace and into unity in its diversity.

We should teach the world, who has forgotten God, to place God back at the center of their lives and be around God and in God, and God alone. They should learn that everybody is welcome to become a Living Altar for God, reminding them that without God their table is empty, but with God their table will always be full.  God manifests Himself in our times as never before in history, in an extraordinary way. It is clear that God is renewing His creation and doing all things new as a preparation for the Return of Jesus Christ. He is gathering His people, reviving them, putting their spirit aflame with a desire to seek the truth.

On the Day of Judgment, we will not be able to tell God that He did not show His Mercy in our time and that He did not share His purposes with us; nor can we claim that we have not heard Him in our heart, or seen His signs in His urgent appeals for peace, nor that we have not understood what He is asking of us. A lot of high governmental authorities (politicians) speak of bringing peace in the world, but did they first make peace with God? It takes a revolution of love to be converted and rediscover God as our Father, who fathered all of us. Then once we rediscover our Divine Source, and from Whom we descend, we will be healed. Peace in the world will be restored and love will overcome hatred. Then the impossible will become possible, because nothing is impossible to God. But God wants our consent and to die to our will and follow His Will. In these End of Times, God comes to us all, even to the most wretched. The sacrifice that God is asking us today is that we change our heart. The Lord asks of each one of us a repentant heart, for no one can consider himself pious and just unless we bring the fruits of repentance. Our ways are not His ways, so we should open our hearts and listen to God. We have the capacity if we try harder to work diligently together in bridging our divisions; we should become breach menders, mending our differences and promoting peace where there is war, love where there is hatred, unity where there is division.

Since all of us without any distinction are so loved by God and are so precious in His Eyes, it is also expected that we too should love one another since He dwells in each one of us, and this is what we should remind the world – that the language of God, our Creator, is filled with Tenderness and Divine Love, but not less with Authority, Power and Majesty. God is Tender and Loving yet a formidable Judge, He is the Alpha and the Omega and yet so Meek.

So if people faced the reality of Love in God and in men, they would be led to love God and one other.

If people had taken seriously God’s Calling and the Signs He is giving us in these last days, the world would be praising God and affecting the coldness of the world to turn it into a roaring flame of love.  

If people were to take seriously the warning of the Lord about Satan’s wrath, in these last days, he would have already been banished from the hearts of people and from all over the world.

If all of the world’s religions responded to God’s request for reconciliation, all men and women would already recognize one another as siblings descending from one Source.  

If everyone realized that we live in moments of unbelievable Grace and Mercy and that God, with full power, is renewing His creation, we would never cease to glorify God night and day and our hearts would be inflamed with zeal!

If people were paying attention to the Lord’s Calling for conversion, all men and women would already be saints.

If everyone lived putting the Word of God into action, each person’s personal history, and thus the history of all people, consequently would become a Canticle of Love.

Our race is not over… so let us be the athletes of God and continue our race to reach the goal that God has traced for us and obtain the Heavenly Award: Let us be able to say what St. Paul said “I have fought the good fight to the end, I have run the race to the finish, I have kept the faith….”(2 Timothy 7)