At birth our heart was created out of God’s Sublime Love so that we return this Divine Love to Him; our heart from the beginning is filled up only with the Presence of God who is Light. It is perfect. It is created in such an ineffable way that it should be able to maintain God’s Sublime Love, and the Sweetness of His Presence. Unfortunately, as time goes by, and we grow older, thorns and brambles start to grow in it until it pierces it, and like a perforated cistern it starts losing its contents and the Divine Love and even the Presence of God that was within it; the thorns are the worries of the world, the sins and the lure of riches that perforate the heart and dry it up from the Life giving Spring.

And so we start by being alienated from God, the Source of all Good. Anyone who truly and sincerely struggles to participate in God’s Grace, will be able to remain dispassionate of this world and will not lose the Sublime Substance that was there from the beginning in their heart;

God, in these End of Times, is manifesting Himself with so many Signs, calling us to Divinity and to love Him as much as He loves us. He is asking from us equality of love. Love for love. An equality of love conquers Death; love never dies, love gets us to know our God, and acknowledge Him as the Most High;

The question is: how can we love God to the measure that He loves us? God is Love Itself. We cannot reciprocate God’s Love for us from our side, because He is an Infinite Ocean of Love. Hence, we should depend on Grace –  for nothing is impossible to God, because the Holy One who transcends heaven and earth can help us attain a Divine Love through His Grace and free us from carnal feelings and temptations, bringing death to them, annihilating evil actions and replacing them with Fragrant Light; God, who is the Absolute, will infuse in us the desire then to adore Him, the desire to be permanently living in Him, He who is Life, the desire of being arrayed with Perfumed Light, the desire to keep breathing over us His Scent and keep His Flame of Love alive in us; and in this nearness we shall be grafted on Him.

 A life spent with God is indeed a life spent in contemplation on the Divine, receiving ineffable blessings that transcend mind and understanding, then the delights of this earth will simply lose their value for the Almighty will saturate us in the water of Life instead, lifting us to the third heaven; Paradise is to be even now, intertwined with God. Then, immersed in God, we will have only one desire and that would be to be giving our self unceasingly to His Will, while God too will be giving Himself unceasingly to us;

The questions is: Is it so difficult to understand that we all descend from one Source, and that is, from the Divine? Even if we are different in shape, in color, tradition, beliefs, and culture. How is it that we have easily forgotten Who it is who breathed in us the same Breath of Life, that He breathed in all beings?

We must be an example to others showing that humans can live in peace and harmony, and can reconcile with each other. We must learn to be merciful and learn to forgive. Can we truly unite and reconcile with one another?  Yes! Yes we can unite,

so long as we learn to love

by reminding ourselves of our Divine origin. By reminding ourselves what Jesus said to His disciples: I give you a new commandment; love one another, just as I have loved you; you also must love one another. By the love you have for one another, everyone will know that you are my disciples.” (Jn13:34-35)

We must remind ourselves to become the Image of the living God, who has no trace of impurity, no trace of prejudice, no trace of vengeance, no trace of hatred.

Thus, we will be able to live in unity, bound together by charity and live together in peace of mind and soul.. St. Paul says on love and peace: “Love is what holds you all together in perfect unity.”

So after we surrender our free will to God, God will be able to perfect us into a union of Divine Love with Him; it is only God who could bring us into a filial love and into a Divine union, by expanding our heart to receive more of Him so that He receives more of us, and to give Himself more to us so that we give our self-more to Him; in this cycle we will be giving God all that belonged to Him already.

Divine Love is the principle virtue because from love sprouts all the other virtues; Love is to live in the Truth. The greater the gift of Love, the more our knowledge of God is complete; the more our love is ardent for God, the more our prayers are ardent; the more perfect our love, the more our life is holy…

Enwrapped in God our acts and thoughts will all be divine; henceforth, our entire lustrous being and soul will be animated by God; this will be the beginning of our new life in God. We will be sated by Divine Love… and God after conquering our heart to live for Him alone, will keep increasing our love, symbolism of our blessedness; symbolism of a perfect Divine union; symbolism that we have tasted Life;

Then the Almighty One will be our verse of our Psalms, the Golden Sunshine in our eyes, our Tangible Wedding Garment; our Repose and Rest; He will be our intimate Companion and the Perfumed Waft of our soul;

(June 17, 1991) O come! you who err still in this wilderness saying: “I have sought My Redeemer but have not found Him;” find Me, My beloved, in purity of heart, by loving Me without self-interest, find Me in holiness, in the abandonment I desire of you; find Me by observing My Commandments; find Me by replacing evil with love; find Me in simplicity of heart; sin no more; cease in doing evil; learn to do good, search for justice, help the oppressed, let this wilderness and this aridity exult; let your tepidity enflame into an ardent flame; relinquish your apathy and replace it by fervour; do all these things so that you may be able to say: “I have sought My Redeemer and I have found Him; He was near Me all the time but in My darkness I failed to see Him; O Glory be to God! Blessed be our Lord! how could I have been so blind?”

I shall then remind you to keep and treasure My Principles so that you may live;”

This message gives us an insight that sin prevents us to feel God’s presence. So only through repentance one can be reborn and see God…

 I’ll conclude in saying that where there is God there is love, mercy and peace. In the end, he who lives for God, will live with God in Eternity. And God will shroud him in the radiance of immortality…