If people were to seriously heed God’s calling to prayer, all men and women would be saints already. If one accepted and practiced the Unity in diversity among the Churches, as the Lord is asking, already there would be a hope that the Prayer of Jesus to the Father will be accomplished. If every human being responded to God’s Love which He deploys in His Message of True Life in God for each one of us, our lives would turn into a Hymn of Love. If people took seriously the warnings of Christ about Satan’s fury in these last days, the latter would have been already conquered and banished from men’s hearts and from the world. If all the religions of the world would answer God’s calling to reconciliation, all men and women would already recognize each other as brothers and sisters, descending from one Source.

And if everyone realized that we are living in a time of ineffable Grace and Mercy and that God in full power is renewing His creation, we would never cease praising God night and day and our hearts will turn into a blazing furnace of zeal!

Let us learn from the Prophets of old, how on their way they learned self- renunciation, self-denial by putting God’s Interests and God Himself first in their life. They learned to strip themselves from their ego, and their will.

Let us today become warriors of righteousness asking God for an untamable courage, to let our zeal and love we have for God be directed towards the good and the glory of God. We may be weak, but God will sustain us in His strength. We may not have it easy, but in our struggle we can put our trust in God who will teach us how to persevere and to accomplish our mission by glorifying Him.

We must allow God to strip us from all that is worldly so as to imprint in us His Own Holy Image. Hard as our oppressors may harry us, we shall not be broken or overpowered, but instead they will cringe at our presence. In our poverty of spirit, we will give God the possibility to invade us with His Light enlightening us with Wisdom; in our wretchedness and incapacity, God will give us nobility of spirit to carry out His Word fearlessly.  

Therefore, let us flee from the complacency the world is offering us and the comfort, and let us break this safe cocoon we’ve weaved ourselves into, and brake our shackles and free ourselves, to earn what the prophets of old times received; and our soul will turn into a fountain of tears with repentance when we realize Who was the One outside the door of our heart knocking throughout all of these years.

Jesus said to me one day, “never let anything discourage you if peace does not come right away, for have you ever heard of a country born in one day? As the earth makes fresh things grow, as a garden makes seeds spring up, so will your Creator make both integrity and peace spring up in the sight of all the nations when your prayers will reach Him.”

I will end up by giving you a small example of a tree: All the branches of a tree are holy if the root is holy. No doubt some of the branches have been cut off, and, like shoots of wild olive, you have been grafted among the rest to share with them the rich sap provided by the olive tree itself, but still, even if you think yourself superior to the other branches, remember that you do not support the root; it is the root that supports you. And the root is God.

Therefore, all of us have not only an important role to play in maintaining peace and unity but an obligation. I sincerely hope that the day will come that through our efforts we will achieve the peace that all of us are aiming at and that God expects from us and that we can say sincerely one day to one another: “my brother, my sister.”