In the teachings below  on unity we see that those who are humble and truly love will be the ones to supply unity to the churches. It is the Holy Spirit’s calling that we find unity; the Holy Spirit will give us the strength to love in such a way, so as to reach a state of unity.  Vassula is asked to be as firm as a rock, even though she will be struck down and considered a loser.  Her strength is Jesus’s strength; it comes from Him.

A Cry From the Sacred Heart:Christ’s Desire for Unity

(Vassula’s talk in Turkey May 25th 2007)

“Love is the root and the foundation of unity. If the Church is not yet living in full communion it is because everything that is expressed or discussed and explained is done without love, it’s sterile. This division is directed against Christ. All who call themselves Christians and abide divided have broken the Commandment of Jesus Christ who said: “Love one another.” Let’s face it, the Christians who do not love and have only lived in self glory will never reconcile because they have not yet grown fully into Christ.

The Lord said in a message: “Raise your voice in My House and ask My shepherds: “Is there anyone willing to work with vigor and love to rebuild this tottering House? Is there anyone in there who is willing to defend this House? Is there anyone who understands now what I am saying? Is there anyone in the Lord’s House who is disposed to expand the Kingdom of God?” (October 20, 1998)

Let us ask our Lord to send us His Holy Spirit who is the Source of Christian Unity to enlighten those who still raise objections in the way to unity. We should ask the Holy Spirit also to strengthen us and give us the Spirit of Fortitude to be able to continue eagerly and with avidity to do God’s Will, and that we should never get discouraged or wear out if any vile act is done upon us by those who do not listen to the Holy Spirit’s calling: to be one. Christ says in a message: “I could utter only one word in their assemblies and with that single word unite My Church. But the glory of Heaven will be given to me by Poverty, Wretchedness and by those they call contemptible.” (October 13, 1991)”

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A Spiritual Echo of Unity

Passages from the messages that were presented at an Address given by Vassula Ryden to the Ecumenical Conference of the World Council of Churches read and listen to the full speech here:  

“tell them that he who maintains to be just, yet remains divided, will eat from the fruit he has sown and will perish, tell them also how I abhor insincere hearts; their solemnities and their discourses weary me; tell them how I turn away from their loftiness and their rigidity; their judgment appears indeed great and impressive to men but not to Me, I cannot congratulate a dying church nearing putrefaction; tell those who want to hear that: unless they lower their voices, they will never hear Mine; should they lower their voices then they will begin to hear Mine and thus do My Will;”

“I am One, yet each one of them made a Christ of their own; I am the Head of My Body, yet all I see are their heads, not Mine; tell them to lower their heads and they will see Mine; tell them to lower themselves so that I may be able to lift them to Me; … tell everyone that I shall establish My Kingdom in the midst of poverty those very ones who have time to hear My Spirit, adore Me and do My Will; in these My Soul rejoices! ” (October 7, 1991)

“this fortress they have built to divide you is already condemned by Me; you are all brothers in Me, this is what you are to teach them to believe and persuade them to do; — as for those who remain divided in body and spirit differentiating themselves under My Holy Name I tell them as I have told the church in Sardis; you are reputed to be alive in the eyes of the world, but not in your Maker’s Eyes; revive what little you have left: it is dying fast and wherever the corpse is, there will the vultures gather;
invoke My Name together!
consecrate My Body and My Blood together!
do not persecute the Way!

humble yourselves and bend to be able to unite and glorify Me; you speak of the Spirit but do not act in the Spirit; “you speak of the Way but you rank first to obstruct It! — how little do you know Me… you call out My Name, yet you murder My children between the sanctuary and the altar; I tell you solemnly, all of this will be brought to you in the day of judgment; can you face Me and truly say: “I am reconciled with my brothers;” can you truly say: “I have not differentiated myself among brothers, under Your Holy Name; I have treated them as my equal;” when you present your case before Me I shall then say to your face: “away with you, you have not treated your brothers as your equal; you have massacred daily My Body; where is your triumph? while I was building, you were tearing down, while I was reassembling you were scattering; while I was uniting you were dividing!” yet, even today, if you come to Me as you are, I can heal you, I can transfigure you and you will glorify Me;”

“I am shouting and I am trying to break through your deafness to save you, and if I reproach you it is because of the Greatness of the Love I have for you; … tell them that the Heart of the Lord is Love and that the Heart of the Law is based on Love; tell My people that I do not want administrators in My House, they will not be justified in My Day; because it is these very ones who have industrialized My House. I have sent you My Spirit to live in your hearts, this is why the Spirit that lives in you will show you that My Church will be rebuilt inside your hearts and you will acknowledge each other as your brother in your heart;” (October 14, 1991)

I Shall Have You Exposed As A Sign Of Rejection, The Rejection For Unity January 18, 1991

(Message for my birthday)

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I shall smooth your way but at the same time I shall have you exposed as a sign of rejection; the rejection for Unity; sincerity is missing among them, so how can they make up the differences between them?

But Lord, do You mean that they shall reject Your messages in the end?

no; My Messages shall follow their course without you but you shall be tossed around; I shall permit your persecutors’ defiled hands to strike you and mistreat you openly; I shall allow them to contradict you … and like crows ravaging the crop they will attack you; you will appear in their eyes as the loser because the wounds they will inflict on you will be impressive; these wounds, My child, shall be given to you from within My House and by My Own; they will be given to you from Cain’s clan; I will allow them to strike an innocent child, but their gladness shall turn into mourning; yes, you will appear as the loser My Vassula, but have I not appeared as the loser too? I appeared to have failed My Mission, I appeared in the world’s eyes as the greatest loser ever; you are a sign given to them to arise questions that will be controversial; I do not mean to discourage you, Vassula, even when some of them try to stop My Messages from spreading any further among the people, be firm, My Vassula, be firm as a rock;

Lord, if they ‘brake’ me as You seem to make me understand, wound my soul near to death, how would I be able to be firm and standing?

lacerated you shall be, but I, the Lord, shall be standing by your side, and your strength shall be My Strength, come, fear not, bear witness for me…