October 7, 1991

I want to put everything I have for Your Glory.
I do not have much, in fact I have next to nothing
because I am insufficient, poor, weak and most wretched,
yet whatever I might have, take it, my Lord.

My closeness1 to you has lit a fire inside you and saved you and others;

– I want your free will, offer yourself to Me and I shall make rivers flow out of you; I need intense poverty to bring My Works out on the surface; I will supply your soul since you are my bride;

Vassula, your cities are filled with dead and their stench rises all the way to heaven; they are decomposing by the millions; pray, pray for peace, love, faith and unity; the Holy One is tormented about that which has to come, saddened beyond description; I will have to let My Hand fall on this evil generation;

daughter, for My sake, take My Cross of Unity and carry It across the world; go from country to country and tell those who speak of unity, yet never cease to think the contrary and continue to live the contrary that their division has separated My Heart from theirs; shout and eventually My Voice shall break through their deafness; I am with you in this desolation so do not fear;

I have entrusted you with My Cross; this Cross will sanctify you and save you; and so carry It with love and humility; invoke My Name without cease; your Mission, My child, is to witness for Love and to demonstrate My Holiness in their lack of love and fidelity, go forward without fear and be My Echo; witness with joy, with fervour, witness with love for Love;

whenever My enemies pierce you, rejoice! and offer all your wounds to Me and I shall soothe you immediately; every time you lift your eyes looking for Me, My Heart, rich in Mercy, will not resist you; you are My child whom I adopted, raised and fed, so do not fear men, they cannot destroy you; soon I shall set you free; in the meantime, go around with My Cross of Unity and glorify Me, be the


of the Truth and of the One Church I Myself have established;

go to every nation and present yourself to them; tell them that I want Peace and One Church under My Holy Name; tell them that he who maintains to be just, yet remains divided, will eat from the fruit he has sown and will perish; tell them also how I abhor insincere hearts; their solemnities and their discourses weary Me; tell them how I turn away from their loftiness and their rigidity; their judgement appears indeed great and impressive to men but not to Me, I cannot congratulate a dying church nearing putrefaction; tell those who want to hear that:

unless they lower their voices,
they will never hear Mine

should they lower their voices then they will begin to hear Mine and thus do My Will; I am One, yet each one of them made a Christ of their own; I am The Head of My Body, yet all I see are their heads, not Mine; tell them to lower their heads and they will see Mine; tell them to lower themselves so that I may be able to lift them to Me;

– do not let them terrify you, My child, be patient as I am patient; be prudent by remaining by My side; you will wear My Jewels2 so that you remain faithful to Me, they will keep reminding you of Me;

pray, My bride, pray to your Spouse and I shall in the end reward you; glorify Me and I tell you: toil, sacrifice and nothing will go in vain;

tell everyone that I shall establish My Kingdom in the midst of


those very ones who have time to hear My Spirit, adore Me and do My Will; in these My Soul rejoices!

daughter, I love you in spite of your misery; allow Me to continue My Works in you; adjust to Me as I adjust to you and through you My Presence will be felt, and in you I shall draw this generation to unity;

be confident because I am with you; My Seal is on your forehead and with this Seal and with My Grace, My Kingdom on earth will be established as I want;

have My Peace, remember: I am with you all the time; come, enter into My Wounds;

1 His intimacy.

2 His Cross, Nails and Thorned Crown.