December 9, 1996


be in peace;

tell your counsellor: “I am filled with joy that at last your thoughts on My Sacred Heart are blossoming in your mouth; 1 I know that you always considered My Heart a Heaven, but had not so many opportunities to expose My Heart as now;2 the Church has neglected the devotion to My Sacred Heart; at one time it was good of you to share with Me in My sorrows and My grief; 3 I value the interest that is mounting up in you to glorify My Heart;

“I self-suffice as you know, but I have chosen you and My Vassula to offer the world all that you can to attract them to receive this Heart that loves them; your4 sacrifices are pleasing to Me and I will see to it that I will fulfil all your needs out of the Riches of My Heart;

“I have, as you noticed, given you My three angels5 to escort you; yes …. including My three Archangels; so do not fear, all heaven is with you; there are many devout men who will help you; be fearless, I am with you;” ic;

1 Fr. O’Carroll spoke of the Treasures of the Sacred Heart that are reserved for our times.
2 Jesus gives those opportunities when we travel to conferences where people listen.
3 At Cap de la Madeleine. Fr. O’Carroll had an experience.
4 Fr. O’Carroll and I.
5 That is: Bob, Pat and Tom.