November 17, 1996

(St Louis)

My Lord,
You who are Wisdom,
You who are Life and Light within us,
I praise Your Name Thrice Holy;
Let all Goodness seduce my soul
so that I may live in Your reflection;

Joy and Peace of my heart,
Your Presence leaves me tranquil
and Your Uprightness sparks a flame within me,
to show me that I am the offspring of the Goodness of my soul;

Glory be to our Lord Thrice Holy,

My loved one, My Sacred Heart quivers with emotion; how I longed to hear My offspring say to Me one day these words! from all eternity your words were written in My Sacred Heart and I waited patiently, oh, ever so patiently for you to pronounce them! enjoy now My Presence and drink from Me, eat from Me …..

I have not laboured in vain in you to raise you up; enjoy these Inexhaustible riches that I had reserved for your times now and show them to the world, this world that has grown cold and is dead to love; show My Inexhaustible Treasure to every nation and tell them that greater gift than My Sacred Heart they could not receive;

and you, My remnant, bless My children for Me; those who accompanied you, since they have dedicated their time for Me; 1 yes! My Heart is touched to tears; I love you, I love you with all My Heart …. ic;

1 Jesus again quivered with emotion.