November 1, 1996

My Saviour,
I give thanks to Your Holy Name,
for Your Love and Your marvels;

but see, sometimes my courage runs low,
and in my misery, misery because of my own guilt,
I feel things are raising like a gale
that comes lashing up on me like towering waves;
and I cry out: “Oh, what to do?”
And not until the waves grow quiet again,
could my soul savour Peace ….

fear not, endeavour to please Me; withhold Me not from being with you in this way too, just you and Me ….

be My pilgrim, the pilgrim of My Heart and remain in My Heart forever; I guarantee to you that your soul will enjoy the delights of My Sacred Heart; My Lips will keep feeding you and My Heart will keep loving you and consoling you; every step you will take, will be taken with Me, your Saviour;

are you happy now that you are with Me in this way, daughter of My Heart?

Lord, to this very day, after all these years of being in conversation with You, I am still dazed and uncomprehending of Your choice! Here I was, a corpse without honour and who comes to visit me? The Invincible One, the Most High! And You ask me now whether I am happy to be with You?

yes, I have, daughter … 1

I have never deserved all this, and I cannot express any thought that is worthy of Your Gift, since You Yourself are this Gift;

You are my joy, my peace,
my incense, my smile, my laughter,
You are my delight, my life,
my breath, the light of my eyes,
You are my father, my mother,
my child, my friend,
You are my Lord and my God!
You are the radiance of my soul,
and there is no one to compare You with,
so yes, I am dying of happiness
when I am with You!

yes! love Me and prefer Me to anything and anybody; in My company all good things will come to you; My friend, and My sister, 2 would it be too much if I asked you another question?

No, my Lord.

Vassula, is My Law your delight?

O yes!
Your Law is Yourself,
Your whole Being and all that You are;
Your Law, my Saviour, is Life for me.

I have heard My Spirit speak through your mouth, for this you are My delight too; let the people know how I lift souls to Me with My Love ….

now, listen Vassula and answer Me sincerely this last question: in the end I will triumph, but, meanwhile, I have to suffer and endure all the triumphs of Satan; I call them ‘triumphs’ every time he manages to bring to damnation a soul; My question to you is: “will you delight Me, your God, and be like a lily?”

What can a mere lily do for You? 3

a lily does not worry about tomorrow; each day has enough worries of its own; can you, for all your worrying change anything on your own? follow My programs I laid out for you and trust Me entirely! so, do you want to be like a lily?

If this is what pleases You, yes.

forget yourself in My Arms; die to yourself and renounce yourself so that you can take up My Cross together with Me; attach yourself to My Cross and, together, I and you will share It for the salvation of souls; through My Cross I triumphed and will triumph again this time over Satan’s plans; be one with Me and allow yourself to be carried by Me;

I, Jesus, bless you; ic;

1 Here I was amazed at Christ’s simplicity and the way He said it, like a child.

2 I think Christ made a point to call me ‘sister’, since I did not tell Him that He is my Brother too.

3 I was surprised by His question.