September 27, 1996

I would not have invoked Your Name,
or roused myself to catch hold of You
so as to possess You, my God,
if it was not for Your very Presence that saved me.

Yes, who was there to pity my deplorable state
if it was not You Yourself?

King, and Sentinel of my soul,
Seal of my heart, Flame of Salvation,
Mainstay of our soul, Rabbuni1 thrice Holy,

I entreat You and I pray
that You may continue to shine on me,
so that I learn from Your Mouth
and pass on Your Word
without reserve and self-interest.

I will grant you to speak in My Name; you will speak as I would wish you to speak …. do all you can and I will do the rest; by offering Me your time; I, in My turn, will be offering you My Jewels, those of your Salvation; I will be offering you My Cross, My Nails and My Thorned Crown; I hope to see you cheerful …. so that My Power lasts on you, remain weak and powerless; it pleases Me when your persecutors impose on you impressive wounds by their persecutions and insults;

let some of your friends even feel ashamed of your presence while with you, because of the notification, while they would call this, ‘cautiousness’ … this unfairness pleases Me, for it sanctifies your soul; come! I am your Friend! your jealous Friend …. so for My sake, accept the hardships, accept the scourge too; remain weak so that I, I use My Power on you and through you ….

never lift your head and act brazen; remain with your head low so that the world continues to see My Head; I, for My part, will polish your soul arduously so that you will witness in My Name with zeal, and will proclaim Me as the Risen Christ;

I was not wrong, lowering you, for in having done so, I lifted you to Me; there is no need to be surprised by My Compassion, My infinite Compassion; I am your Saviour, who died out of love for you; this is why I am continuously looking for any opportunity to have your society ridicule you …. but just look, look at all those indignities, all those wounds that have been done on you and on My Heart; My Heart opened even more now for you so that you crawl in Its depths …. suffering in My way means bringing you closer to Me, closer to My traits, closer to My interests; sufferings that delight Me, bring you zeal, fidelity and ardour to work for Me; I am, as you said, your Rabbuni, thrice Holy and you, you who are My pupil, I tell you: try to discover what I want out of you;

I am the Living God and I forgave you, and I became your intimate Friend; I led you into My Kingdom so that you stop worshipping false gods; I have entrusted you with a work beyond your means, so that through the Power of My Holy Spirit, you would be raised; and you grew in My Spirit; you were formed in Him so that you move in Him and grow strong; see what favours I have given you? if you are bold in your speeches, this boldness comes from My Spirit;

in return, Vassiliki, to all those favours I have given you, I want a renewed submission to My Will; you will only gain freedom ….

I renew my vows to You, my Lord,
and I submit to Your Holy Will, my God.


“Let heaven praise Yahweh:
praise Him, heavenly heights,
praise Him, all His angels,
praise Him, all His armies!

“Praise Him, sun and moon,
praise Him, shining stars,
praise Him, highest heavens!

“Let them all praise the Name of Yahweh,
at whose command they were created;

“Let earth praise Yahweh,
all kings on earth and nations,
princes, all rulers in the world,
young men and girls” 2

everyone, come and praise our Lord
and do His Holy Will.

by submitting to My Will, I will send you all over the world to spread My Messages …. speak and be My Echo and say nothing more than what you have learnt; I and you, us, let us continue having a heart to heart conversation;

love Me; ic;

1 Meaning ‘Master’ in Hebrew: Jn. 20:16.
2 Taken from Ps. 148.