September 23, 1996

Lord, I thank You for showing me,
who is so unworthy,
Your Glory.

You spoke, Lord,
but the world is not listening;
although You are displaying Your Glory everywhere,
the world refuses to see and believe.

How much longer are we to strife?
Deprived of Your Signs we are not,
but the world is determined to destroy its soul.

I have indeed opened My Mouth and spoken, see for yourselves …. but today the world has no thought for its Maker, no heart for its Creator …. but the world’s lack of fidelity will not cancel My Fidelity; through the Power of My Spirit, I will reform the unformed; why, everything done in My Spirit, thrice Holy, will be done so as to glorify Us; I will continue to pour My graces on you, to disconcert the wise and the learned of your times;

no man was able to value and understand fully My Holy Spirit; My Spirit works in different manners, always for a good purpose; so be eager to bless in the Name of My Holy Spirit; let your conscience be grasped in full union with My Holy Spirit so that what you do be expressed by My Holy Spirit; let your spirit be invaded by My Spirit; for this, you have to die to yourself; the humbler you get to be, the easier My Spirit will find its way in you;

we, us? ic;