June 13, 1996

Happy are those who keep Your ways,
Blessed, whoever listens to Your Heartbeats,
for they bring life ….

peace be with you; My little one, you are in My Heart, so speak without fear, listen to My Spirit and write:

happy the nations who learn to acclaim My Sacred Heart! they will live in the light of My favour,

happy the nations who consecrate themselves to My Sacred Heart; O what will I then not do for them! I will keep My promise and they will see My Throne one day; I had sworn on My Holiness to keep them secure in My Heart and so I will …. I never fail in My faithfulness, and you, be My delight in My assemblies and do not fear;

there is only a short time left now and no one can evade My Hour; remember, I am your Shelter; make your home in My Sacred Heart; part never from Me; I love your sighs of thirst for Me, your God;

I bless you; pray for the unrepentant; I love them too as much as I love you; My love for you is fathomless; remember, I Am is with you and for always;

renew yourself in My Spirit; I Am is your Consoler and your Drink; He is your Bread; what gain, is it for anyone to win the whole world and every treasure it contains and forfeit his life? eat Me and come and drink Me, greater treasure I cannot offer you than this; I tell you in all truth: you have no life in you if you do not eat Me and drink Me; I am the Bread of Life;

My Spirit is upon you, be blessed in My Holiness; ic;