January 9, 1996

My house is in the Courts of Yahweh
and my spirit rejoices in the brilliance of His Majesty thrice holy.
It is in You that my soul moves, fulfils and goes on trusting.
It is in You, Eternal Father,
that my spirit languishes, desires and seeks the Truth.

Deprive me not, O Celestial Father
of the Seven Gifts of Your Spirit,
but send them to me,
to light my way and illumine my spirit
bathing me in Your Divine Trinitarian Holiness.

1 My peace I give to you; if the ground refuses to yield its fruit and the country has turned into a desert, it is because of its apostasy …. My Holy Spirit is hardly remembered, proclaimed or relied on, this is why the earth has declined and your soul, like a dying star that lost its brilliance, has darkened; with the Law of the Triune God, Vassula, in your hearts, you can all say: “my God will hear me;” and I will grant you from the bottom of My Heart, the seven gifts of My Spirit if you ask Me; now, My Vassula, tell Me, do you think you have obtained your knowledge of My Kingdom on your own?

No. No, my God. I knew nothing of Your Kingdom from the beginning.

do you think your prophecies came out of yourself, My child?

No, because Scriptures say: “No prophecies can come out of oneself.”

blessed are you, for allowing My Holy Spirit to rest upon you and act in you; these are the things now I want to reveal, so that everyone on this earth can be drawn towards Me and live in My utter fullness and that every living creature can possess Me as I too would wish to possess them; freedom is to be found in My Spirit, thrice Holy consolation and refreshment is to be found in My Spirit; your sinful passions can be washed away by My Spirit thrice Holy and He can offer you the freedom to serve Me in a new and delightful way, attracting hordes of nations into sanctity, because you would be renewed by My Holy Spirit;

delightful child, write: determined to share My Glory with all of you, I am ever so lavishly pouring out, in your days, My Holy Spirit to renew you so that you obtain your freedom in My Spirit; men are seeking their own ruin, but My Love is faithful and My Compassion is great; I looked down at My creation and said: I will let the wind carry My Breath2 to them sooner than I had planned; I will neither keep the scores nor the records; as My Ways are above your ways; My Breath will be carried by the winds on My creation, so that they say: “God has not forgotten us, this is His dew; these are His raindrops”; and to accompany these I shall pour on you Instruction like prophecy, even to the least of you; creation, I shall pour out My Gifts so that you may see your nakedness and realise how, during all your lifetime, you had grieved Me; then, like a child, you will weep and turn to Me, your Father; from thereon you will aspire only after heavenly things that last;

do not look for freedom elsewhere except in My Spirit; and like in the time of the first-fruits, 3 I will fill you with a variety of gifts from My Holy Spirit; many of you will be singing in tongues; others will have the eloquence of speech; My gifts are numerous, and they will be given lavishly;

come! come and win the friendship of My Holy Spirit to become collaborators with Him, for He will graciously initiate you into Our mysteries by opening your mind and your eyes to understand and perceive the Imperceptible yet graciously offered to you at no cost; oh, come! do not stand there, inert, come and inherit what is yours from the beginning; come and inherit the Inaccessible Light yet all around you and who could be within you! come and possess the Unattainable yet at everyone’s reach! come! and do not stand remote and in terror; come and inherit the mystery of My Kingdom;

today I am offering you Joy, Peace, your Inheritance; I am offering you an Inestimable Treasure more beautiful than any man could conceive of obtaining; if I am pursuing you untiringly it is because of the greatness of the love I have for you; out of the favours I have favoured you this One is My Crown; 4

come closer to Me and I will breathe in you Immortality, reanimating your soul to move, aspire, and breathe in My Glory so that you no longer belong to yourself but to the One who moves you in union in Our Oneness;

do not say: “do I dare, I, the sinner, apply for the Inaccessible Light? accessible only to the saints?” – if you truly believe you are a sinner, as you say, and unworthy for My Gifts, the impossible will become possible; 5 I will immediately set you on fire to consume you and burn to the root all that was not Me;

I will then replace all that hindered My passage in you by the One whom you thought Unattainable; He will be the light of your eyes, the motive of your being, the movement of your heart, the utterance of your speech, your laughter and your joy, the kingly adornment of your soul, the watchman of your spirit; He will be your brother, your sister and your faithful friend; He will be your festivity, your banquet, the hidden treasure, the pearl, your hymn to the Hymn, your amen to the Amen; the promised land and the foundation of all virtues on which He will inscribe His Holy Name;

come then and receive the Seal of your freedom by admitting you are a sinner and subject to sin, so that I, in My turn, lavish upon you My Inexhaustible Riches and the Kingdom of Heaven; My Holy Spirit can quench your thirst;

I want to turn you all into a blameless race, into a holy people, into Our Image, so why, why do you ask from Me so very little …. and with so little faith? why do you misjudge My generosity? your lack of faith is a fatal poison for your spirit, drawing you into what I repel: human doctrines and regulations; you have learnt that the Church is My Son’s Body and that He is Its Head, 6 this is why you, who make part of His Body, should aspire for the gifts of My Holy Spirit and penetrate into the mystery of Christ, mystery which will divinise you;

in the power of My Spirit you will see a glorious vision of your inheritance where all the holy people rest, you will see your place of rest; – are you fit for My Kingdom? on whom do you rely? set your eyes, your mind and your heart on Me and come to possess My Kingdom; come and possess Me, your God; rely on no one else but Me;

– the interior power within you is My Holy Spirit in whom you breathe and move, never ceasing to be; the interior charm, grandeur, eloquence and beauty within you is My Holy Spirit; the interior light of your soul is My Spirit thrice Holy that renders your soul imperishable, full of grace, My heaven, My rest and the perfect dwelling for Me, your God, triune but One in the unity of essence;

the interior Intercessor within you who lifts your spirit in a cloud and brings you in communion with My Saints and My Angels is My Holy Spirit; He will teach you to be unshakeable when persecuted and calumniated for My sake; set your heart on perfecting your soul, filling it with My Spirit and you shall live!

– come, daughter, we, us? God-is-with-you;

1 The Creator speaks.
2 The Holy Spirit – the Holy Spirit is already being poured out, e.g. charismatic movements.
3 I heard at the same time the word: ‘Apostles’.
4 God is speaking of His Holy Spirit.
5 God means that if we admit we are sinners, we already acknowledge our unworthiness; with a spirit of humility we can obtain His Spirit’s Gifts.