November 8, 1995

King from the beginning and Master of all things,
I am flesh of Your Flesh, bone of Your Bone,
You are in me and I am in You,
What joy, what delight
to know that I possess You and that You possess me!
I belong to You and You, my King, belong to me!

You are the true Vine
and I am one of Your branches,
I am Your remnant,
what a joy to be one with You!
And I intend to remain in You
so that You remain in me.
O what a gift from Your Spirit!

Lay down Your Plans, O Lord,
and I will take anything You offer me;
now I am being bold,
but is it suffering You want of me?
I will take anything You give me,
everything becomes so beautiful
when it comes from You!

Come! Come and reign in me
You are the Source of my happiness!
Are You inviting me to share Your Cup?
A Cup where Your Divine Lips sipped from?
My God! My God, I tremble with emotion and delight;
O Love! You have seduced me!

My Own Heart swells with emotion, to have invited Me at your table in this way …. trust Me; I am from Heaven and no creature will be able to overpower Me in you; I am well alive in you; no one living in the worldly kingdoms, and the one1 who reigns over them will be able to topple My Reign in you;

I am God thrice holy so do not fear; remember what I have told you once? I have told you that I am known to overthrow kings and kingdoms were they to become an obstacle on My way; all I ask from you now is fidelity; remain faithful to Me; do not look to your left nor to your right; I will help you; rejoice, My friend, for I have honoured you by inviting you to share My Cup, the Cup of your division and the insincerity of your hearts ….

now, you and I are nearing the tenth anniversary of ‘True Life in God’; take courage, My daughter, and do not get offended when the world2 deprives you of honours; dwell in perpetual discipline towards My Church and you will enjoy My favour; be always ready to respond to My calls by saying: “here I am, Lord”, and your Creator shall shine on you;

My Father’s Choice, do not fall into temptation; learn where knowledge is to be found; where perseverance, where wisdom are and life; in your silence you will find all these things and more, in My Holy Spirit; enjoy moving in My Spirit, like a fish in water; out of this water, you will die and dry up; so remain in My Spirit and breathe in My Spirit and you will live;

be happy! I have nursed you and reared you to bring to Me hoards of souls; many of them are still unwilling to return to Me …. how I pity them! I am in agony and suffering to see them so totally unaware of the dangers surrounding them;

ah …. Vassula, join Me in My sufferings, join Me in My agonies, console Me and rest Me ….

I love You, Lord, what can I do more?

love Me, this consoles Me; – ahead of you, serpents may be wanting to strike and are waiting for you; but although they have taken a transparency such as one cannot spot them immediately, I will give you eyes to see them; do not fear, for I am with you, not one of them will be able to strike you; in the end one serpent will swallow the other! 3 yes! like in the vision I gave you;

come, I love you and bless you;

1 Satan.
2 Several newspapers calumniated me.
3 Like in my vision of January 29, 1989.