December 1, 1994

Lord, my Refuge,
my Comfort, my Smile,
my Fountain, my Universe.
I love you.

peace be with you; need Me, I am the Source of your life, I am the source of your joy; need Me as you need the air which you breathe; do you wish to sit at work today with Me? 1

Yes! Yes! My joy and my life
is God Himself, the God who loves me.
Come and help us in this Hour of Crisis,
there is no such help from man!

daughter, raised and formed by Me, there are so few who listen, sin is still alive in their hearts, pride is governing them; your generation is heading for a bloodbath; I shall not remain hidden much longer: My Justice will take over now; I have never ceased sending you My mouthpieces to warn you, yet to this day you have rejected, disowned and raged at My messengers; many of My sacerdotal souls, those who govern in high seats, have sworn to crush them;

I have taken all means to reach this unfaithful generation to save it and whisper in its heart some sound sense, but My Spirit is persecuted by their spirit; odious, those whose allegiance is wicked; I have again and again given them signs of My Love but they have flung My Love under their feet – this is why I shall come down to break the power of the wicked and it will be Me who will persecute the wicked till there are none to be found!

I turn away My Eyes from the world not to look any more at their wickedness and on those who say: “in our tongue lies our strength; our lips have the advantage; who can master us?” 2

spite now egoism and iniquity, stand high among the sons and daughters of men …. My Assemblies of My holy ones in heaven mourn for the image they have taken …. they have exchanged Our Image3 We had given them which identified them as sons and daughters of the Most High for the image of the Beast …. today the more I call to them, through My mouthpieces, the further they go from Me;

(Message for Rome.)

“you were once My Eden, Rome, My Garden of delights, even My angels were lost in amazement over your perfect beauty; and you governed My House in holiness and justice; honesty and love was the soul of My House; you were indeed the reflection of My Eternal Light, leaving an everlasting memory to My saints and My angels; your wealth and your treasures were heavenly then;

“today, Rome, your soul has turned into the Beast’s reflection and you have taken the position of sentry in My territory to prohibit the entry to My Holy Spirit and the prophets who prophesy in My Name, calling you for repentance and to renounce your evil ways; to save you, I, Myself, come to your door now to address you; have you not read: “a child of God listens to the words of God?” 4 but so far not a single word I pronounced has penetrated into you; for you, My Words are something inactive and nil; My grace has been rejected and My salvation plan discredited; you are outrageously rebellious and arrogant when it comes to the truth, this is why you claim to have knowledge and discernment on My heavenly Works so as to tarnish My mouthpieces who expose your darkness to the world ….”

and you, daughter, never present your defence; there are many witnesses who can support you but the greatest one of them all is My Holy Spirit; put your hope in Me, who have the power to save you; if they continue to ill-treat you unjustly, be very humble, since the punishment I reserved for them will be fire; you ought to expect repulse and set-backs, for sin has gained a hold over them …. continue to declare the greatness of My Name to every nation, I am sending you, so ‘lo tedhal!’ 5 yes, do not fear!

6 “I will continue to pour out My Holy Spirit on you all and display the greatness of My Love; have you not read: “when new wine is found in a bunch of grapes people say: ‘do not destroy it, it contains a blessing'”; 7 I shall do the same for the sake of those who serve Me in righteousness and are obedient to the one8 who holds back this Rebellion in My House;

“I refuse to destroy the whole; but trouble for the bloodstained hands! and you, you who have taken the position of sentry to prohibit My Holy Spirit from entering in His territory, I will send the most barbarous of the nations to surround you; I shall drop in your desert a fire of fury, with a cloud that will cover your cities: thus your dark epoch will come to an end ….”

My Lord, what is to be the outcome?

the outcome? the outcome will be

My Promise:

the New Heavens and the New Earth …. Rome, who had ever shown such determination as Mine, to save you? My glory is rising on you, though night still covers you, above you My splendour appears; how is it that you cannot tell the times nor the signs?

I have not yet heard from My House their cry of repentance; even now they are not listening but lay traps for My mouthpieces; were they to listen and repent they would be able to turn many from their evil ways and from the wickedness of their deeds that brought them to apostatise! they never pause to consider that I know about all their wickedness and so not until they come to confess their guilt and seek My Holy Spirit, will I relent ….

come, daughter, let us go;

1 Jesus means, under His dictation.
3 The Most Holy Trinity’s Image.
5 ‘Lo tedhal’, in Aramaic, means: ‘Do not fear!’
6 Continuation of Rome’s message.
8 The Pope.