June 11, 1994

(South Hadley, Massachusetts)

My Lord?

I Am; have My Peace;

hear My Voice: daughter, I will infuse in you My Spirit and you shall open your mouth this evening and My Words will pour out like manna, feeding a multitude; I shall fill their mouths with My spiritual food and once filled they shall praise Me and glorify Me: tell them that the One who sits on a glorious throne calls out for peace, reconciliation and love;

you want to extol My Name? then rise and go now and reconcile with your brothers, with your sisters; never would you be so near My Heart than in this moment of reconciliation …. disarm the enemy, defeat the divider for the rest of your days …. come, what I ask from you is love and I shall frown on you no more;

blessed one, 1 every minute you give Me pleases Me, so I, Jesus, will preserve you from becoming elated;2 … do not deny now that you would rather rest than have My dictation3 ….

It is true. I am very tired.

just one word: Vassula, I desire to keep you in My Heart forever, so love Me ….

Are You upset now, Lord? 4

no; I know how strained you are and your limits of strength; all I ask is love from you; have Me in your mind, your heart, and your sight, so that you accomplish with Me this work with a triumphant crown; delight Me and lean on Me; I raised you to glorify Me; I raised you so that I may say one day:

“look! this is the one I selected to glorify Me with her love; this is the one I have espoused, My bride and My beloved, and on whom I have given My traits to testify for Love; this is the one whom My Holy Spirit endowed with Wisdom, anointing her with My Signature; 5 ah! how I delight to have raised her, for now I can acclaim that no one in her generation loved Me as much as she has; My desire has been fulfilled, My teachings were not in vain; I have done what I have done to honour My Name;”

around you, My child, I Am is always with you; you are never alone and My Heart leaps with joy every time you utter My Name to glorify Me; let it be known that the Holy One is in command of everything and that I am an abyss of Mercy;

I love you; be in peace: ic;

1 Jesus turned to me to speak to me.
2 Suddenly Jesus stopped and asked me the following very earnestly.
3 I was so tired and He knew it.
4 Though He did not appear upset.
5 That is when He appears in public in my place.