July 28, 1993

(After the Athenian meeting, many returned to God. People came also from the neighbouring islands, to hear. – This meeting also raised the devil’s voice, therefore we also heard a few calumnies. This did not take away the joy and the peace we had received.)

My child, always remember that I am near you, and even more in your problems; I am near you in your problems, your joys and in every event I Am; surrounded by My angels I come to you to visit you; I love you;

My child, be blessed and do not fear from the proud, leave them to Me but you pray for them, they are also My children and they too have to be saved;

do not imagine that I am not aware of the demands of the mission I have given you; but beside you I Am to hearten you …. remember My Presence;

August 8, 1993

My child, I, the Lord, bless you; I love you, remember always this; say this with Me:

Jesus my only love,
I pray for those whom You love
but know not how to love You,
may they be purified and healed
so that they too be exempt from all evil;

learn this prayer and say it after each decade in your rosary; ic;

August 10, 1993

My Peace I give to you;

continue vigorously at My Pace and believe Me, nothing and no one shall come between you and Me; nothing and no one shall stop My Message from proceeding; seed everywhere; and Vassula, My daughter, My weapon I have placed in you, and that is:


pray and invoke Me; pray and chase away the devil; pray and restore My tottering House; come, My Eyes never leave you, be reassured My dove;