May 27, 1993

peace be with you; I am the Alpha and the Omega;

remain in Me so that you proclaim My Message as clearly as you ought to; let My Word go out, let every one hear My Call and understand how much I love them; let them know that My Five Wounds are wide open;

men have an infinite capacity for treachery and for striking Me …. I must tell you with pain and sorrow in My Heart all that I see in My Own House: today the Tyrant is trampling already on My Body and wishes to abolish entirely My Perpetual Sacrifice; one of them living under My roof is betraying Me; he proclaims peace but seeks only evil; he burns incense but it is to summon Satan to gain more power;

Oh Lord! I can hardly believe this is happening …

yet it is happening, you do not seem to understand …. he together with his followers are determined to place themselves in My Throne and rule the world in prophet’s garments and ah! …. so many of My shepherds are led astray with their false teachings and errors; they are leaving the right path and wander to follow a tradition that does not come from Me; they abandon the holy rules that I had given them;

I have warned you of these false teachers and false prophets, I had warned you that in the last days, Babylon will be erected into the heart of My Sanctuary, turning My Holy Place into a den of thieves, into a haunt of devils! O daughter! …. a lodge for every foul spirit to abide and reign …. they are busy trading in My Own House; these traders are promoting their own in My House, while ensnaring the lives of My people; they are after My prophets, they kill My mouthpieces and spare their own false prophets who expand heresies and errors! they dishonour My prophets in front of the world, lying to the world who love to listen to calumny and insult; they rip My Traditions to install frills and human doctrines; all these things they do in front of My Throne …. these traders are deceiving many with specious arguments; they place their own in the best seats to reign with a sceptre of Falsehood;

– I have appointed you to be My Echo, so go and proclaim what you have heard; tell them that you are all living under the Great Apostasy foretold; tell My shepherds to open their eyes and ears to My anguished calls, for soon they will be forced to eat and drink venom; summon your communities and prepare them for vigils of prayer and fasting; Satan is on his way to put every one on trial; he is coming to scatter you all and divide you; he is on his way to My Throne in My Tabernacle to sell My Blood and remove My Perpetual Sacrifice; 1

My people …. My heritage …. to you I cry out: priests and ministers of My Altar, you who lift Me every day, never give Me up, never sell Me2 …. the wails of the angels are heard already and the heavens tremble with what they see coming, even the demons are appalled and grow pale ….

the Enemy, the one who claims to be so much greater than anything that is worshipped, will enthrone himself in My Sanctuary; he is on his way, with a noose in his hands, heading for the one who is appointed by Me3 and who holds the rebellion back from bursting out; discreet and courageous he is; and his life is being poured out as a sacrifice …. 4 I bless him for having a firm grasp of the unchanging Message of the Tradition, but Satan wants to silence him to be able to expand through the mouths of those who sell My Blood his5 errors and bring all of you to your ruin;

this is Satan’s hour; with vile motives of destructing My creation; cry out, daughter, for that day is near, and it is coming to devastate nation after nation; My Heart is broken …. Love was not afraid to die, so you too My friends and My shepherds do not fear, follow Me; your duty is to defend My Word and My Church to death; do not say, “let me go first and salute My own;” I tell you: “once the hand is upon the shepherd’s staff, no one who looks back is worthy of Me or fit for My Kingdom;” follow Me in My Blood-stained Footprints all the way to Calvary;

daughter, My blessed one, your Comforter is pleased that you comforted Him; and that you allowed Him to use your hand; ah …. Vassiliki, these Tears of Blood I shed every day are caused by iniquity and wickedness; …… 6 era! O era! why have you abandoned your God?

(Here, Christ turned to me and said:)

My angel, formed by Me, wound Me not but do not leave My Hand now; some will stone you, some will drag you in mud, some will raise their fists and menace you, but do not fear them; you say that they heap insult upon insult on your head, calumny upon calumny, I tell you, they are only heaping reward upon reward here in heaven for you, and blessing upon blessing on your forehead from Me, so declare without fear My Message; witness, My angel, and I shall not pass sentence on many souls on account of the wounds you receive; I will give you a fair wage for the wounds you receive in the House of My friends; I have selected you to be the victim of My Passion, the altar upon which I will lay Unity, so what more could you ask? what more could I give you that I have not yet given you?

Wisdom has been given to you and My Spirit is with you to make you endure the scourge of the world and ah …. I have given you the gift to thirst for Me and to long for Me, a priceless gift; therefore, walk with Me and allow Me to use you and send you from nation to nation to tell them that the God they have forgotten has never forgotten them; remind them that the heart of the Lord is Mercy; yes, tell them that I am gentle and humble of Heart;

Jesus is My Name; ic;

1 Jesus was in such pain that He wept.
2 More tears from Jesus.
3 The Pope: John Paul II.
4 The Pope.
5 Satan’s.
6 A few moments silence, then again very sorrowful the Lord cried out.