May 20, 1993


My King!

I Am; your King gives you His Peace;

Love Me …. taste the bitterness of My Tears; allow Me My beloved to rest in your heart, ah! how I love this place! console Me My Own, console Me, My daughter ….

My God, who is like unto You?

listen to My Heart and realise why I shed Tears; will you adore Me this night too? come, My Own, your Jesus is here in your room1 …. I weep because your Holy One is very much offended2 …. like a beggar I stand at each door, begging for love, but I do not get many responses, ah … so very few listen …. come and adore Me, come and dress My Wounds by loving Me …. feel My Presence …. Yeshuah is by your side and you are My child upon whom I have entrusted My Interests; do not be afraid, I am ever so gentle; restore My House, oh infant of My Love, My remnant, My seed ….

The God of gods is speaking to me,
how can I remain silent?
What will He then not show to the upright?
You have worked wonders for the dead.
Who in the skies can compare with Him?
Who among the sons of God can rival Him

be now like a lamp and shine, glorifying Me; stand up and defend My cause! ah, Vassiliki, I shall tell you all the things you must do and you will do them with great courage; no one will swallow you up and they will know that I Am is walking with you; My Cross will lead you to sanctity; speak without fear; everything that I will be giving you will come from Wisdom, so be diligent and serve Me now, My little one, ever so precious to Me …. abide in Me and do not fear, I, I will never abandon you; preach in the manner I preached to you, raise the way I have raised you and make disciples of the Truth …. ecclesia will revive;

peace, pray and praise Me; we, us?


I, Jesus, bless you for the constancy of your work; ic;

1 That is: heart.
2 Jesus confided to me His pain.