April 28, 1993

peace! dearest daughter, learn how I delight in your poverty! little one, fall into My Arms and allow Me to carry you in your extreme weakness; I am your Shepherd, do not be afraid; remember, that this is not your Work but Mine; would I not secure you, provide you, and guard you? you whom I thrust every day out in the world and at its mercy? nation after nation shall hear My Voice;

enclosed in My Heart you are; My Heart is your sole safe abode; Vassula-of-My-Passion, treat Me as a King, I am your King and your only Passion; treat Me as your most faithful Companion; I am known to be the All-Faithful; allow Me, dearest soul, to engrave My Words on you, they shall never pass away; Soul-of-My-Passion, love Me for I am so little loved ….

Lord, I love You and others too love You.

if you love Me remain near Me and console Me …. can I sacrifice you more?

Yes, Lord, do as You wish!

say: “yes, for the love You have, My Lord, for souls;”

say: “yes, for the passion You feel, My Lord, for sinners;”

tell Me these words; deprive Me from nothing1 and I too will not deprive you of My Presence; together then, I and you will work, will love, will pray; hear Me, keep nothing for yourself, engage yourself nowhere else but for My Plan; everything you do let it be done to save souls;

I, Jesus, bless you and your companions; glorify Me and raise with Me My Church; rebuild My Church, I love you all;

1 I think here Jesus means that I had deprived Him from using my ear for some time and, indeed, I felt less His Presence.