December 2, 1992

Show me the Light
of Your Holy Face,
raise my soul to the heights
and let me see You!

compensate Me then and evangelise with love for Love; every word you will utter for the glory of My Holy Name, will be blessed so that like a dove it will flutter and reach where it will make its home; ic, 1 Jesus;

compensate Me and give Me your time, your mind, your hand and your heart to use for My Glory; then watch My Lips, touch My Heart and write; never let go of the hem of My clothes!

(Just when Jesus signed and sealed this message, He said to me in a whisper: “Sarajevo2 shall perish”.)

1 “ic” are initials found on Greek icons where Jesus is portrayed. IC is short for ‘Jesus’ (‘ICTHUS’).

2 Sarajevo is a town in ex-Yugoslavia. Three days after the Lord said this, on December 5, 1992, Sarajevo was attacked.