December 3, 1992

(Before my mission in Australia -)

look at Me! receive the One who loves you most! My lamb, I am with you and My Word will be brought into your mouth and It shall cut and pierce their hearts; good and bad will hear you; you will preach and teach the Knowledge I Myself have given you through these years; perseverance? is that what you need, child?

Yes, my Lord!

I will keep you company to revive your soul; My presence will encourage your heart and you will persevere; we are partners, are we not?

We are!

then do not be afraid; I and you, you and I, and the power of My Holy Spirit will lift you and will whisper and remind you the sound Teachings I have given you; do not fear, I have never failed you; I will give you an eloquence of speech to give honour to your King;

(Later on:)

You are the theme of my praise in our assemblies.
I have treasured the instructions
You have given me from Your Lips.
I invoke You now Sacred Heart
to help me display the Fathomless Tenderness,
the Love of the Almighty God, Our Father,
the delicacy of Your Own Sacred Heart
and the Infinite Riches of Your Spirit.

I tore the Heavens and came down into your room; so now join in the saints’ choir and sing with your whole heart, yes, wholeheartedly; My glory will be shared with the innocent souls, the poor and those who united their hearts to Mine; I will display My Love and show everyone that greater love than Mine you will not meet; see what you have? Love Himself comes to your room to speak to you; you have seen Me face to face;

I, Jesus, bless you from the core of My Heart; – feel loved – I, Jesus Christ, am resurrected and alive and am near you, now …. ic;