November 29, 1992

(Philippines – Manila)

I am your good Shepherd; I heard your call from above so how could I resist your cry, when I hear laments and your agony? I have come in this way to speak to you and remind your hearts of My request: 1 have you all reconciled with your brothers with your sisters, with everybody? only a few have ….

here I am, sending you word again; I do not come as a Judge, not yet, and if I reproach you, it is because of the greatness of the love I have for you …. I am a Jealous God and I want prayers, prayers without ceasing;

ah, beloved children, if you knew how My Heart is lacerated every time one of you postpones for later on My desires …. I tell you, I will soon descend in full force with My Holy Spirit to give sight to the blind and take away the sight from those who say they see ….

the spirit who is hovering over this world is a rebellious spirit, ruling the world to live a Godless life, thus profaning My Sanctuary; are you not all of you My Sanctuary? delight your Father in Heaven and pray for the Reconciliation of this world; happy the peacemakers when they work for Peace! they will be called children of the Most High;

pray that My Church be one; today there is a division in My Church as never before; like Cain and Abel, brothers, yet unlike one from the other; one blood, yet different; one was sincere, the other one not; one was well disposed, the other one was ill-disposed and displeasing Me; one was faithful and devout, the other one treacherous and a rebel: these are today’s members in My Church; I have two sorts: one, devout, the other one, a rebel; My Church is divided;

I tell you truly that My Kingdom is among you; – My Holy Spirit today is blowing on you all to revive what little is left in you, and to bring the rebels back to their senses; My Holy Spirit of grace is blowing on you My Passionate Love; the sheep that belong to Me will recognise My Voice from afar; soon, I shall make disciples shine out;

I, your King, am blessing each one of you from the core of My Heart; be one!

(Later on:)

(Our Blessed Mother gives a message to the Filipinos.)

like a Mother, I come to ask you to listen to your Father; hear Him and do whatever He asks you to do;

I have shown you the Wounds of Our Hearts in a special way; I shall remain with you in this way for only a short time now, but I shall not leave you, you who are the Shepherd’s lambs, without making sure that you have shelter and pasture;

the world again misjudged the Times and cannot recognise the Signs either; the world does not listen to Our Two Hearts, nor understand Them, they are rejecting Us …. but the hour is near when a Light will shine from above and Our Two Hearts, like Two Lamps shining near each other, will revive this world, bringing it from darkness to light; those Two Hearts the world combated will prevail in the end! and the kingdoms of the world will pass away and will be replaced by My Son’s Kingdom …. this is all very near you now!

when you leave from here, 2 leave with the Lord’s peace and My peace;

1 On October 29, 1991 the Lord gave a message to the Philippines asking them to reconcile.
2 The Church we were in.